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I wanted to get some feedback regarding possible integration with the Content Spy application and some of my mods. For those not aware of Content Spy, you can view more information here: http://ipb.silvesterwebdesigns.com/store/product/1-content-spy/


Content Spy an application that allows users to view a near-realtime stream of activity, with a full dynamic page of content, or in a mini-spy on the board index.


For example, new videos added to the Videos System could be added to the content spy stream. I'm open to suggestions of which mods you think can be integrated.


Edit: Just to clarify the term integration, I'll just be making use of the plugin file Content Spy includes. So if you don't have Content Spy nothing will change but if you do have Content Spy installed it will contribute to the Content Spy content stream.

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I've updated the client centre's Videos System file with Content Spy integration included. No upgrade required, just need to re-upload all the files again.

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