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  3. Hi @Michael The issue still exist :(
  4. Thank you @Michael please let me know when you are able to provide support and upgrade the custom plugins I have with you. Invision Community are unable to provide support for my theme issue intel all old apps and plugins are either updated or removed. There is an issue and any theme that is set as default then omits certain graphics like the borders around message boxes. The issue is that this is cause issues on the sign up page as the terms button is not visible and users don't know where to click. So we are loosing sign ups. Any theme that is set as the default then exhibits this issue. So I need to upgrade or remove all old apps and plugins so that Inivision Community will provide support for this.
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  6. Soly

    Stats widget totals

    While here, might as well report a typo
  7. This was reported before here but it seems to be an issue again. Total donors and Total donations are shown to the user regardless of their can view donations permission. I would suggest just not showing the stats widget at all if the user can't view donations If you don't mind me suggesting a code fix donate/widgets/donateStats.php:L52 if( !\IPS\Member::loggedIn()->group['g_dt_view_donations'] ) { return ''; } In the same funciton, the latest donator is already guarded by that same check, which can be removed (line 112, before modifications)
  8. This is how we solved the problem with the "member age" developer.
  9. I see it now! I thought that was the members browsing section at first glance, LOL!! Seems redundant due to the like/react system, though??
  10. Are you using the latest version because it should display a little "members marked" section below the item information.
  11. IP.Board version 4.5.4 Before the app After the app It did not go to the bottom line and left a space. How can we fix it? Thanks @Michael
  12. IP.Board version 4.5.4
  13. uA_Y_C_A

    Mobile view

    Here is the similar problem. @Michael Thanks
  14. still there right ? how can we fix in the 4.5 ver. thanks. @Michael
  15. I think this must be a bug though... under the different color blocks, it's says it changes the background to that color. And it works for all of them except the white option. When I click the white option, it makes the background black, not white. I successfully fixed this before using custom.css... I'll try that again now that I know the class involved. Perhaps that will over-ride it. I'll also see if I can make the change as you suggest. With respect, I'd like to suggest in future updates an option to make the form with a white background and black text just as it is on pages everywhere else. Thanks again, Michael!
  16. Hi Michael, Looks like you added the tiktok but thumbnail image is not working????
  17. I'm using the ipsMessage style and there inbuilt css classes, so no real way to change it that way. You'll need to modify the template bit directly. See acp > theme editor > forms > front > logs > create. Perhaps add a custom style to this bit of code. <div class='ipsMessage ipsMessage_{{if isset( $container->_options->rules_color )}}{expression="$container->_options->rules_color"}{{else}}info{{endif}}'>
  18. I need to add information about the service the customer will be buying on the form above the form fields. I also need to add a photo there. The only way I can see to do this is by entering the information in the "Form Rules" section. I'd like this section to look like the rest of my site, with a white background and black text. But apparently I can only select various colors for the background, with white text. Is there a way to change this to a white background and black text? If I have to use the custom.css style sheet in the templates section of Admin, what are the IDs or classes of the things I need to change? I tried using Firefox's Inspector but I can't figure it out.
  19. Yeah, I can mark vehicles but it doesn't seem to do anything once marked.
  20. Ah! No I don't. I didn't know that setting existed. Thanks very much, Michael!
  21. Do you have any options to specify if this is a custom or IPS Marketplace app at all? I may need admin access to take a look into this one.
  22. It should add a little "Members Marked" box below the item listing that shows member who have marked a vehicle. It's from a custom request and basically allows members to mark if they own a particular item.
  23. I'm a bit behind with support but will be caught up with IPS PMs soon. Smaller plugins should be fine with IPB 4.5 though, so I don't imagine any major issues there.
  24. I'm not seeing or have received any major issues with the Donations app so this is likely an issue with either your PayPal IPN or server. Your ticket has already been dealt with but if you do require help in the future looking into either of these, let me know.
  25. Unfortunately new features are not likely in the medium term. I'm busy with IPB 4.5 updates and life in general and haven't been able to focus on new features like this yet.
  26. Michael


    Changed Status to Closed
  27. Michael


    Please make sure you download the latest Donations version as that contains a fix for IPB 4.5 compatibility.
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