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  3. You can view support tickets here - https://www.devfuse.com/customers/&act=support
  4. where do i go for support ticket? and ther ei snot screen shot. When permissions are given and saved i open back up to recheck and make sure.. when i do the permissions dont save .. ever.
  5. Last week
  6. I'm going to need more information to troubleshoot this. Could you open a support ticket with your admin login details or a screenshot of the error your getting?
  7. Changed Status to Fixed
  8. Removing share links until IPS adds for nodes as well.
  9. I've disabled the Donations portion from the group copy. You will have to manually set Donation permissions when copying a group but it will remove this error until a better solution can be found.
  10. If you upload the tar file as a new application in your admin cp, it will automatically convert the old plugin data and remove it for you.
  11. All apps and plugins have been checked and updated for IP.Board 4.6.x where needed. Please report any more bugs in the Bug Tracker.
  12. Sorry, having a senior moment maybe. Downloaded the New Member Follow up .tar for 1.2. No main XML file. Or I can't find it. I actually found five of them but not sure if that's one of the one's to upload. Also, the folder structure seems fuller than the one I have installed. Are we supposed to upload and overwrite all those folders? Thanks
  13. I have several times given permissions for people to uplaod and edit their own videos ...when i save and go backin permissions do not stay and no one can upload videos pleae help this is urgent
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  15. Upgrade error with g_dt_view_topdonors field.
  16. Fatal error when removing a reaction.
  17. Same problem with copy groups in other major apps. Not going to be used often but put in some kind of solution.
  18. Some issues with responsive mobile view - https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/427451-users-homepage-support/?do=findComment&comment=2857756
  19. If you disable the Topic/Post Daily setting, it will create individual birthday topics instead.
  20. Michael

    Error log

    Changed Status to Fixed
  21. Changed Status to Fixed
  22. It's when I go to the groups in ACP and then copy a group with the donatipn app disabled it copies fine and creates another group but with the app enabled it throws the error above and doesn't copy.
  23. Won't be much longer, working on a new bug fixing update now.
  24. I'll need login details to look into this further as I can not reproduce it.
  25. No sir, when I follow it, the number disappears
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