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  2. Toulon


    Hello, is there a French version (language) for the videos module? I started translating, but if it can save me time, thank you I do not know if I'm in the bonforum, otherwise thank you to put the message in the right column, sorry
  3. media

    IPB 4.3.3 layout problem on front page

    Something still wrong, Half of the featured toggle video list berried under featured main video.... And toggled featured videos are not clickable anymore... Something is not right at the index page... it is overlapping sidebar too (text)
  4. You forgot to add this again... :)
  5. Michael

    Club support for rss import

    Changed Status to Fixed
  6. Michael

    IPB 4.3.3 layout problem on front page

    Changed Status to Fixed
  7. Fixed again to take into account if the default tab is changed.
  8. Michael

    Suggestion: Advertisement areas

    Changed Status to Fixed
  9. Last week
  10. Michael

    Maximum video width

    Changed Status to Fixed
  11. Hi Michael, I unintentionally added a modification to a vehicle, that I'm not the owner of. Is it correct that any member can add modifications to any vehicle in the garage/collection? Regards Toralf
  12. z1000forum

    Dropdown menu not working in Collections/Garage as Admin

    Hi Michael, it looks like the bug is fixed with vehicles. But the same drop down mishap is in vehicle->modifications section. I'm not able to use the drop down after I have added a picture to a modification. At a modification without pictures it is working as admin, aswell as normal member. Maybe it is a different bug, feel free to split the topics.
  13. Hi, i want to edit the [.hr] can someone tell me where do i need to go to edit? i want to change the style of that line, but i can't find D:
  14. Michael

    Video report change

    Changed Status to Fixed
  15. Michael

    Fatal error

    Changed Status to Fixed
  16. Michael

    Furl conflict

    Changed Status to Fixed
  17. Michael

    Furl conflict

    I wasn't able to reproduce this but I've eliminated the "discover" furl tag completely and will just use /new/ instead.
  18. Michael

    Trending sort

    Changed Status to Fixed
  19. Michael, Please help us on this, Would you please create 3 areas in the code on settings that we can put AdSense code? Here are the areas: 1. Index page right under the featured video and between the list toggle of featured videos 2. Single video view page - above and under video I am tired of playing with codes for these adverts, would you please create those and put settings that we can easily access and add codes?
  20. If you turn these on and go to front page... List of featured video and the one display above layout is overlapping... :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Featured Show featured videos? On Display a featured videos block at the top of the videos front page? Use embed code? On Use the videos embed code in the features videos block? Featured switch toggle On Show 1 featured video and allow members to toggle additional featured videos? ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Please take a look at my site you have the info... Thnaks
  21. cybernck

    Issues with templates/css?

    That's wasn't my reply but the issues are identical :-) No customised template bits or css files, as collections is concerned but I suspect it's got something to do with ipsCarousel_item class.
  22. Michael

    Issues with templates/css?

    I already replied to the reply at IPS but can you first rule out any customized template bits and if not, I would likely require admin cp login details to troubleshoot further.
  23. Michael

    Form rule color selection

    Shouldn't really matter too much. The colors are loaded through the Form's app own css files anyway. Can you PM me admin login details for your forums or copy and paste the entire browser source code when editing the form? Will need to rule out whether the form css is loading or not. Michael
  24. cybernck

    Issues with templates/css?

    I've just updated IPS to 4.3.2 and updated the Collections app accordingly. However, I've instantly come across a couple of issues: 1) Featured Cars carousel seems to be broken and just displays a list of cars, while messing up the layout (both on mobile and on PC) 2) New Cars list works fine up until approx 800 px wide window, when it switches to super-extra-wide thumbnails Example: https://www.205gtidrivers.com/garage/ I can see that the second issue is caused by the first one and the broken layout that it creates, so it will be a simple fix, I guess. additionally 3) I've tried disabling the Featured Items list option in order to check if it will sort out the layout problem but it didn't respond to it - still shows featured items. P.S. The issue are the same in the OEM theme and the one I'm using, so it's not that. Thanks.
  25. snookputt

    IPS v4.3.1 / Donation Tracker

    OK Michael thanks, seems to be working fine
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