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  2. After Sending a video the 'Manage' drop down button becomes NOT clickable Latest IBP 4.5 Latest Video app
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  5. I've change this line directly upload file (tar archive). But after update all my admin panel was broke (no theme / css). So I've restore BDD & file to go back to a "normal" situation. Hi you have any idea... thanks !
  6. Hello, Thanks for your help. Unfortunnately, same issue after upgrade.php modification. Any other idea ? Thanks again.
  7. Hi, I'm using 2.6.1, but it's not making a post. I have the delay turned off. I didn't make any configuration changes after upgrading. Any suggestions? Thanks
  8. Can you open applications/autowelcome/setup/upg_100201/upgrade.php Find: \IPS\Db::i()->insert( 'autowelcome_members', array( 'welcome_member_id' => $member['member_id'], 'welcome_sent' => 1, ) ); Replace With: \IPS\Db::i()->insert( 'autowelcome_members', array( 'welcome_member_id' => $member['member_id'], 'welcome_sent' => 1, ), TRUE ); And try re-running the upgrade again?
  9. Hello, When I try to update I have this error message : Could you help me to solve it please ? Thanks
  10. Small suggestion for the Collections system...can you add the FOLLOW button to Collections so members can follow items/vehicles in the Collections system?
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  12. Hello @Michael Just to understand this option : When it's activated, it doesn't work. When it's off all works fine. Thanks for your help, support and files
  13. Bug for 4.5 see link 1 https://vidyasagar.guru/videos/view-1038-video/ link 2 https://vidyasagar.guru/videos/view-1037-video/
  14. Hi Michael, Looks like you added the tiktok but thumbnail image is not working????
  15. No IPS haven't talked to me about this app. Just busy in real life and haven't had as much time to work on new features, let alone focus on the IPB 4.5 updates and the new stricter marketplace rules.
  16. See the IPS Marketplace note here - https://www.devfuse.com/forums/topic/12381-ipboard-45-update/
  17. After making the payment via paypal, everything is added correctly in the system as it should be. Everything except increasing the donation value in profiles. Users have already reported this to me in IPS 4.4, but after upgrading to IPS 4.5, this option no longer works at all.
  18. Can you please PM me true reasons, if possible? I promise, will not share with anyone. I don't think, it's lack of time to be honest because all other addons, got new features and updates. Why do I have a feeling that IPS team is stopping you from adding it?
  19. Hi, answer from support invision : Any reason why you don't push the new version to marketplace ? Thanks, Olivier
  20. Hi, thank you for your answer. It's strange, i don't have a lot of possibility... See my video, no upload new version : Regards, Olivier
  21. If you click on the application settings, can you see the "Upload a new version" ?
  22. Obviously it's hard to give another estimate but it will be a while. I'm only doing modding part time now and focused on the IPB 4.5 updates and custom work.
  23. I just saved my data to a notepad and deleted the app. Then just manually install the new one for 4.5 and re-add your data.
  24. Hi, how can we manually upgrade the Auto Welcome plugin ? It's not available on the market place so how can we do with the new version 4.5.2 ? Thanks
  25. Should be fine if no noticeable errors are present.
  26. Sorry, but I'm new to this whole thing. I don't know how to manually install this to my IPS 4.5? Can somebody please help?
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