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  3. I apologies for the delay in getting back to you. It doesn't look like you've purchased this product from me?
  4. Any details on what the conflict was? Who replied to you and I'll contact them and see what I can do on my end?
  5. Welcome friend, I'm still new, trying to understand some things
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  7. I can revisit this again but at the time, this was the only option to have a fixed language string there.
  8. Same. I've even seen that the admin/management (Michael) has logged in every day since I submitted it - but no bueno on any responses to my ticket or the forum posts in here or the paid support forum. Guess the support mantra of "You can expect a response within 48 hours from any support ticket submitted. This includes every school and public holiday. If for any reason, support ticket responses will be delayed, there will be a notice in your Customer Centre." isn't accurate.
  9. Not sure if this has been reported here (I'm not finding it, but that doesn't mean much), but the link for Collections in the +Create menu at the top of the page doesn't seem to follow the language rules that are set up in Collections. It simply says "Add Item" which is pretty unintuitive for the user. Can we get a fix for this? (This is seen on IPB 4.5.2, but I don't see an option in the dropdown for that version.)
  10. I've been waiting for a week and there's no reply.
  11. I paid for Donations 3.5 and run IPS and it doesn't work - the install fails almost immediately. Hopefully the admin/creater can fix it or provide support. I'm still waiting for response to my support ticket.
  12. Hey, I'm using IPB 4.5.1 And i've uploaded Donations 3.4.3 And it doesn't work at all I see there are a new update to them app, But i couldn't pay is there any other ways? @Michael
  13. I did want to tell you, when I wrote IPS on the issue, they made mention that the task from this app was conflicting with something they had so they disabled the task.
  14. Hi is there any way to convert the database from smf(simple machine forum) to ipboard
  15. I've looked into it; I just had another person register, still not welcoming; I didn't see any welcome emails or pms, it might be a task issue?
  16. Any other alerts set like PM or Email? Are they working? Just trying to rule out topics first.
  17. This section is for bug reports for Mike to look into. I help test the stuff he puts out. That's all. Nothing to crazy.
  18. What kind of error are you getting? It's an IPS exclusive app, so only available from the marketplace right now.
  19. It might be easier to get admin login details to troubleshoot this directly then because this one has always been hard to reproduce.
  20. Use this link for copyright removal - https://www.devfuse.com/products/&act=add_copyright_removal
  21. Hello, How can I remove the copyright notice shown under the Videos application. Regards, Robin
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