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  1. Topic view hook

    That's also with the "Show topic view hook?" collections setting enabled?
  2. Thumbnail view category

    Add a thumbnail view to categories.
  3. Topic view hook

    The topic view hook is not showing. Manual Patch: Open applications/collections/hooks/collectionsTopicView.php Find: 'selector' => 'article[itemtype=\'http://schema.org/Answer\'] > aside.ipsComment_author.cAuthorPane.ipsColumn.ipsColumn_medium > ul.cAuthorPane_info.ipsList_reset', Replace With: 'selector' => 'article > aside.ipsComment_author.cAuthorPane.ipsColumn.ipsColumn_medium.ipsResponsive_hidePhone > ul.cAuthorPane_info.ipsList_reset', Save.
  4. Donate box widget

    The donate box and send widgets look a bit off in IPB 4.2. Specially the following div wrap that surrounds them and doesn't seem to be needed anymore. <div id='elDonateBox' class='ipsWidget ipsWidget_vertical ipsBox'>
  5. Remove this from the birthday widgets to make sure settings button doesn't appear. /** * Specify widget configuration * * @param null|\IPS\Helpers\Form $form Form object * @return null|\IPS\Helpers\Form */ public function configuration( &$form=null ) { return null; }
  6. Form saving javascript

    Add some javascript to disable the "submit" button with a "saving" state until form submits. This should prevent double clicking.
  7. Bug reports

    Maybe you can add an option to change this blue color, or to integrate rules with the form? For the form rules style, include setting to change message style used. Confirmation PM's like in your other app do not show notifications. And I think there should be an option to edit look of this PM. Add form class options to each form. Like ipsForm_horizontal or the full width one. Lets make the "form confirmation email" form setting an editor.
  8. IPB 4.2 features

    Revisit in another update with these IPB 4.2 features: Add clubs support. Add message support to news content item. Add promote/our picks support for news. Support recommended replies for news comments. Support member filter (bulk mail/group promotions) for "Has added news?".
  9. I'm 99.99% confident that the only symptom of this is it's not saving Video group permissions. But if it makes you feel better, I could give you instructions to temporarily remove it from that area?
  10. I'll confirm this for now but without being able to reproduce it locally, I don't have any patches in mind. The only work around would be to save permissions per category.
  11. Yep I understand that but along with the Forums and Videos tab in that area. What other apps or tabs are displaying there?
  12. What other tabs appear when your setting the group permission masks? I'll need to try and reproduce this locally before I can offer any fix.
  13. Is it preventing you from saving other permissions? I've just done a fresh install of IPB and the Videos app and it does appear to be making changes to the permissions when I re-open the permissions page again. What happens if you change permissions through acp > community tab > videos > categories > select category > permissions? Does it save when you re-open? Any bug report or ticket are the highest priority. But the last few days wouldn't have made much difference as was away from home.
  14. Profile Information Under Signature?

    I don't believe IPB allows this to be done as is. You probably will need to get some kind of hook made that inserts a custom field just below the signature template.
  15. Featured Videos Slider

    Firstly just rule out any database issue. Can you run this query in your SQL Tool box or phpMyAdmin and see how many results there are? SELECT * FROM videos_videos WHERE featured=1 Secondly what do you currently have set for the "Featured" section in your Videos settings? I want to see if I can reproduce this locally.