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  1. "Garage" urls don't work after importing the garage app into the collections app. Manual Patch: Open ACP > System tab > Advanced Configuration > Friendly Urls tab. Revert all the "garage" entries and re-add the "garage" text again.
  2. Pluralize 'and_x_more'

    Problem with "and_x_more" use. Manual Patch: Open acp > theme editor > news > front > news > categoriesBlock Find: {lang="and_x_more" sprintf= Replace With: {lang="and_x_more" pluralize= Save.
  3. Items/mods/images/comments per member

    Add an "item per category" limit in the category settings as well to override group permissions.
  4. Forms language conflict

    Another one - " form_logs_pl_pl "
  5. Form view/submit conflict

    The view and submit form permissions are conflicted and not working correct. Ref here. Manual Patch: Open applications/form/sources/Log/Log.php Find: if( !parent::canCreate( $member, $container, $showError ) ) Replace With: if( ( $container AND !$container->can('view') ) AND !parent::canCreate( $member, $container, $showError ) ) Find: $this->post_key = isset( $values['post_key'] ) ? $values['post_key'] : md5( uniqid() ); Add ABOVE: if ( !$this->container()->can('add') ) { \IPS\Output::i()->error( 'module_no_permission', '', 403, '' ); } Save.
  6. IP.Board 4.2 Updates

    Here is an example of the one that supports oEmbed - https://www.twitch.tv/videos/161695373
  7. IPB 4.2 features

    Revisit in another update with these IPB 4.2 features: Add message support to videos content item. Add promote/our picks support for videos. Support recommended replies for video comments. Support member filter (bulk mail/group promotions) for "Has added video?".
  8. IP.Board 4.2 Updates

    I've released a new version that adds vid.me and twitch previous videos support. I've worked on the promote feature in another app recently and brought myself up to speed on it. It will be added in a future update.
  9. Mobile view

    Some reported issues with Videos theme and mobile view. Manual Patch Open acp > theme editor > videos > front > browse > videoTable Find: ipsGrid Replace With: ipsGrid ipsGrid_collapsePhone Save.
  10. Form logs search access

    Form log search should be locked down further. Something like this in the Log.php file should do the trick. /** * Whether or not to include in site search * * @return bool */ public static function includeInSiteSearch() { if( !\IPS\Member::loggedIn()->member_id OR !\IPS\Member::loggedIn()->group['g_fs_view_logs'] ) { return FALSE; } return TRUE; }
  11. Forms language conflict

    Additional one reported - "guest" Include sql query to fix duplicate if upgrade script doesn't.
  12. Anti spam

    See ACP > Members tab > Spam Prevention. Enable as many options as you can and also the "Spam Defence" setting.
  13. Issues reported with lazy load not working on ajax features like pagination or quoting. (Quotes lazy video rather then raw embed)
  14. Manual patch: Open applications/videos/sources/Video/Video.php Find: /* Attempt to generate embed */ Add ABOVE: /* Return media embed as is */ if( $this->video_type == 'media_embed' ) { return $extraVideos[ \IPS\Request::i()->extra ]['value']; } Save. Another patch Open applications/videos/sources/Video/Video.php Find: 'media_embed' => array( 'media_embed' ) Replace With: 'media_embed' => array( 'media_embed', 'extra_videos' ) Save.
  15. Videos lang conflict

    Some further lang conflicts. "topics_settings"