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  1. Can you open applications/autowelcome/setup/upg_100201/upgrade.php Find: \IPS\Db::i()->insert( 'autowelcome_members', array( 'welcome_member_id' => $member['member_id'], 'welcome_sent' => 1, ) ); Replace With: \IPS\Db::i()->insert( 'autowelcome_members', array( 'welcome_member_id' => $member['member_id'], 'welcome_sent' => 1, ), TRUE ); And try re-running the upgrade again?
  2. No IPS haven't talked to me about this app. Just busy in real life and haven't had as much time to work on new features, let alone focus on the IPB 4.5 updates and the new stricter marketplace rules.
  3. See the IPS Marketplace note here - https://www.devfuse.com/forums/topic/12381-ipboard-45-update/
  4. If you click on the application settings, can you see the "Upload a new version" ?
  5. Obviously it's hard to give another estimate but it will be a while. I'm only doing modding part time now and focused on the IPB 4.5 updates and custom work.
  6. Should be fine if no noticeable errors are present.
  7. You'll need to re-apply the edit again. I've been flat out with so many checks and updates, so will not add any new features until everything has been updated.
  8. The Live Topics plugin has been updated.
  9. If you open plugins/donatesidebar/widgets/donateWidget.php Find: $form->hiddenValues['item_name'] = \IPS\Member::loggedIn()->language()->addToStack('dsb_name_value'); Replace With: $form->hiddenValues['item_name'] = \IPS\Member::loggedIn()->language()->addToStack('dsb_name_value').' - '.\IPS\Member::loggedIn()->name; Save.
  10. I've released an update for the Videos app on both sites. But IPS is obviously going to be slow to approve new updates as they will have a lot for IPB 4.5. You'll need to talk with them about it. But the IPB 4.5 update for the Videos app is available on my site now.
  11. IPS Marketplace Revisit The IPS Marketplace now requires a change to how some data is stored in applications and plugins. This does not affect how a plugin or app work but does require extra changes. Therefore, some apps or plugins will not be immediately updated in the IPS Marketplace and only available on this site. I will revisit these apps and plugins and make the changes needed to have them updated in the IPS Marketplace as well.
  12. Some of my apps and plugins will not work at all. So best to wait. But I am starting to release updates now. The Donations app was today.
  13. Some more apps and plugins have been updated or released.
  14. Changed Status to Fixed
  15. Changed Status to Fixed
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