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  1. Facebook thumbnail grab

    never mind it is Facebook videos... I misread the report... :)
  2. Facebook thumbnail grab

    it is grabbing on my site
  3. OMG, thank you... I did not see those settings at all.. ALL GOOD
  4. Man you are not around again. I really want a patch for this before Christmas...!!!!
  5. Or not sure maybe something else, guest cannot see comments on my board I have checked all the settings, nothing to be changed... Sorry I forgot to say only for GUESTS
  6. Permission problem: If Add Comment unchecked they cannot see comments too Under permission if you uncheck add comment, that group cannot see comments on the single video page.... Latest video app with IPB 4.2.6
  7. Main Page Embeded Video viewing not counted in total view? I have 10 video on main page of video section and when people start watching those videos the counter is not counting those as view (not updating video count for that video)
  8. We should add video Views text to this areas

    Never mind I found the other one too... :) All good... Thanks
  9. We should add video Views text to this areas

    Only one instance on my end??? The rest is ok... Thanks
  10. We should add video Views text to this areas

    Well, if you can give me the edits, that would be great and please add to next version too... Thanks
  11. We should add video Views text to this areas 1. Video Block we add on board index 2. View all video page forum/videos/list-all/ 3. Viewing all videos under a category 4. Search result for videos This is pretty much self explanatory...
  12. On View All Categories Page there is a date problem /forum/videos/categories/ As you see something is not right?
  13. You know I have no idea, how and why I am having this problem.... I will wait until you fix this for the new version.... :)
  14. Well, I will do that way but I hope this is NOT effecting the other apps...!