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  1. New Releases (March 2018)

    Hey just a little note... 4.3 is out... :)
  2. Yes it is working... :)
  3. I applied the changes... I will monitor closely ... :)
  4. if( \IPS\Settings::i()->vs_featured_videos ) { $featured = iterator_to_array( \IPS\videos\Video::featured( 10, '_rand' ) ); foreach ( $featured as $firstFeatured ) { /* Update views for first video */ \IPS\Db::i()->insert( 'core_view_updates', array( 'classname' => 'IPS\videos\Video', 'id' => $firstFeatured->tid ) ); break; } } Like this or ????
  5. $featured = iterator_to_array( \IPS\videos\Video::featured( 10, '_rand' ) );
  6. Hi Michael, Not sure if this is working; I add a video with no view then make it featured. One day later still 15 views, my video main page gets 500 unique hit a day... :) Not sure
  7. New Releases (March 2018)

    Beta 1 is out, and I do not think the code will be changed that much from beta to real release... :) Also invision site is start using 4.3 already and pretty stable...
  8. New Releases (March 2018)

    Hi Michael, 4.3.0 is on the way, beta is out... Is Video app compatible with 4.3.0? If not when are you thinking to release the compatible version? Thanks
  9. Never mind... Cache refresh fixed it... :)
  10. First thing that I see the tab box is not responsive anymore... I mean used to be when you click next page it did not refresh whole page it only changed the pagination page, but right now every time you hit the pagination number it is refreshing the whole page....
  11. Ok. looks like that fixed the problem, but I have to still watch if there is any irregularities... Thanks
  12. Quick add vs Continue

    I know that but I do not want to use quick add when I am adding a video, because I am using different language... But no matter what I do, script imports all the name and desc from Youtube.... There is no way to get out of the screen without adding youtube link, even I hit continue button (NOT quick add) And if you add the link, it imports the info...
  13. Ok got it but still something is not right on the other part of the video section Sending you links on a PM to check Thanks
  14. Quick add vs Continue

    When I hit the normal add button (continue) system still taking the information from Youtube??? auto filing the name part and so on
  15. I would like to show new user Discover Tab as default but when you choose Trending tab "ON" that becomes default... Is there anyway to pick the default tab for new users? Thanks