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  1. without bug tracker, feel like there is nothing for me to visit this website (seriously)... :)
  2. Michael, That's true, but most of us do not go that direction (We do not want to buy another app too much money) We want a tracker works with just Board app... Your second idea is a nice one too... But please keep in mind, there are so many silent board owners over there, waiting for a stand alone app for bug tracker... We have the old version and if there is an importer for that would be great too...
  3. After loosing bug tracker, it looks like I do not want to come here anymore... Not sure but, bug tracker was a magnet for me to come here and check on things every day... I think you should develop your own version (bug tracker) and make it available for every one for IPB4 - So many people are waiting for this....
  4. Ditto... :)
  5. I guess there is something wrong with your attitude: Support replied your request: Michael, on 17 Apr 2016 - 7:45 PM For me it is kind of F A S T....
  6. Welcome to paradise... :)
  7. Let's have a solid rock 2016 all together... :) Thank you Michael... :)
  8. Michael, We do not want anything new, please bring back the portal layout look... and work on single video page a little bit that page looks professional... Right now it looks like a blog page with embedded videos... BTW, there is nothing new about this... Thanks
  9. Video Application for ipb 4.0 needs a good design - need to work. Main page, needs old portal look Single video page looks like a blog page, needs some work I am still testing it, I will bring more suggestion as I go....
  10. I fixed this. It was a permission problem.... :)
  11. Micheal, When you get a change would you please, please upgrade this application to 4.0 ? I have contacted other person, they are not responding at all... Thanks
  12. I am trying to use my sidebar blocks on video application but I do not have sidebar block... I do not have the arrow to bring the sidebar block... Also just FYI, I have turned the Sidebar settings ON on admin member settings....
  13. I have searched on the IPB but could not find it... :)
  14. Hi Michael, I remember you drop this mod, but someone picked this up, but I cannot find it on IPB, would you please help? Thanks
  15. As far as I know, you can renew your subscription anytime you want and get updates... but wait for Michael for final said...