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  1. IP.Board 4.2 Updates

    Just tested in my test board with 4.2.3 IPB and latest video build... I have added this: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/161695373 It worked...
  2. IP.Board 4.2 Updates

    Good idea (promote videos)
  3. DevFuse IP.Board 4 Upgrade

    without bug tracker, feel like there is nothing for me to visit this website (seriously)... :)
  4. DevFuse IP.Board 4 Upgrade

    Michael, That's true, but most of us do not go that direction (We do not want to buy another app too much money) We want a tracker works with just Board app... Your second idea is a nice one too... But please keep in mind, there are so many silent board owners over there, waiting for a stand alone app for bug tracker... We have the old version and if there is an importer for that would be great too...
  5. DevFuse IP.Board 4 Upgrade

    After loosing bug tracker, it looks like I do not want to come here anymore... Not sure but, bug tracker was a magnet for me to come here and check on things every day... I think you should develop your own version (bug tracker) and make it available for every one for IPB4 - So many people are waiting for this....
  6. A Personal Moment of Reflection

    Ditto... :)
  7. Donate Sidebar

    I guess there is something wrong with your attitude: Support replied your request: Michael, on 17 Apr 2016 - 7:45 PM For me it is kind of F A S T....
  8. I am new in here

    Welcome to paradise... :)
  9. DevFuse December 2015

    Let's have a solid rock 2016 all together... :) Thank you Michael... :)
  10. Michael, We do not want anything new, please bring back the portal layout look... http://www.devfuse.com/forums/tracker/issue-1228-featured-video-bar-on-40-completely-diffrent-than-348/ and work on single video page a little bit that page looks professional... Right now it looks like a blog page with embedded videos... BTW, there is nothing new about this... Thanks
  11. Video Application for ipb 4.0 needs a good design - need to work. Main page, needs old portal look Single video page looks like a blog page, needs some work I am still testing it, I will bring more suggestion as I go....
  12. I fixed this. It was a permission problem.... :)
  13. Introducing Quotes System

    Micheal, When you get a change would you please, please upgrade this application to 4.0 ? I have contacted other person, they are not responding at all... Thanks
  14. I am trying to use my sidebar blocks on video application but I do not have sidebar block... I do not have the arrow to bring the sidebar block... Also just FYI, I have turned the Sidebar settings ON on admin member settings....
  15. Introducing Quotes System

    I have searched on the IPB but could not find it... :)