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  1. Make team option on register form an optional setting.
  2. Can you reproduce this with the default theme as well? I've just quickly checked with the latest versions of everything and can't reproduce this currently. Do you get the same issue with the video category page? Have you made any changes to your acp > theme editor > videos > front > browse > videoTable template bit?
  3. Add "promote" support and any of the other ipb 4.1 or 4.2 features that were added that can quickly add.
  4. The stats widget should factor in setups without any goals. Open applications/donate/widgets/donateStats.php Find: $donationWhere[] = array( 'donate_users.status=? AND donate_goals.g_show=?', 1, 1 ); Replace With: if( \count( \IPS\donate\Goal::roots() ) ) { $donationWhere[] = array( 'donate_users.status=? AND donate_goals.g_show=?', 1, 1 ); } else { $donationWhere[] = array( 'donate_users.status=?', 1 ); } Save.
  5. Still not good enough ;) There's been quite a delay for a lot of people and I do apologies you've had to wait so long. I'll get in contact soon with some test patches I've looked into.
  6. Was there anything else done? I just added a few dozen videos quickly and increased the setting but can't reproduce this still.
  7. It looks like there is a reply on the IPS forums already, so I'll assume you've seen that already. I'll have a patch to test soon.
  8. There are some plugins out there that does this - https://www.devfuse.com/products/82-topic-icons/
  9. User provided fix - https://www.devfuse.com/forums/topic/11829-curriences-bug/?do=findComment&comment=25998
  10. This is a confirmed bug and will be fixed in the next update soon. If you have ftp access to your files, could you please PM me for a temporary patch.
  11. New lazy load stopping thumbnail grabber from working. Manual Patch: Open applications/portal/sources/Blocks/Blocks.php Find: $imageURL = $img->getAttribute('src'); Replace With: $imageURL = $img->getAttribute('data-src'); Save.
  12. New code left in template and not yet completed. Open admin cp > template editor > collections > front > view > view. Find and remove: <a href="" class="ipsButton ipsButton_normal ipsPos_right">Mark Item</a> Save.
  13. Can you let me know the exact version of IPB your using and I'll double check first. Failing that, I will probably need board and ftp access to troubleshoot further.
  14. Top donors page and widget should factor in currencies.
  15. I'll log this as a bug and include something next update. If there is only a single currency being used, shouldn't be a problem grabbing the symbol to display before the input field.
  16. I'll confirm still as it really should check the group permission at the same time.
  17. Add topic id to event api output. Open: applications/calendar/sources/Event/Event.php See apiOutput function. Find: 'url' => (string) $this->url(), Add BELOW: 'topic' => $this->topic_id, Save.
  18. Just to confirm, they are enabled by default for new signups? What do you have for the following?
  19. Add a setting to make images required in new and edit forms.
  20. Should be a permission to hide top donors. Especially if someone wants to disable view donations and view goals permissions.
  21. Are you using the latest versions of IPB and Auto Welcome app? Does that member have status updates enabled? If by default status updates are disabled for new members, the auto welcome app detects that and prevents a status update being posted.
  22. Display problems if goal status is above 100%. Open core > global > plugins > donateWidget Find: number_format( 100 / \IPS\Settings::i()->dsb_goal_amount * \IPS\Settings::i()->dsb_donation_amount, 2, '.', '' ) Replace With: ( number_format( 100 / \IPS\Settings::i()->dsb_goal_amount * \IPS\Settings::i()->dsb_donation_amount, 2, '.', '' ) < 100 ? number_format( 100 / \IPS\Settings::i()->dsb_goal_amount * \IPS\Settings::i()->dsb_donation_amount, 2, '.', '' ) : 100 )
  23. Michael

    Field toggles

    Fatal error with field toggles. Open applications/form/sources/Form/Field.php Find: /* Remove any field toggles if present */ if( isset( $values['field_toggles[]'] ) ) { unset( $values['field_toggles[]'] ); } Replace With: /* Remove any field toggles if present */ if( isset( $values["field_toggles"] ) ) { unset( $values["field_toggles[]"] ); } Save.
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