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  1. Any other alerts set like PM or Email? Are they working? Just trying to rule out topics first.
  2. What kind of error are you getting? It's an IPS exclusive app, so only available from the marketplace right now.
  3. It might be easier to get admin login details to troubleshoot this directly then because this one has always been hard to reproduce.
  4. Use this link for copyright removal - https://www.devfuse.com/products/&act=add_copyright_removal
  5. I'm sorry for the delay, it will be soon!
  6. Are you using the very latest version because this should of been fixed?
  7. Any time delay for the welcome or are you sending it immediately?
  8. No unfortunately not. Probably at least another month until I wrap up the rest of the IPB 4.5 updates.
  9. No sorry but I've now got a good template code for the upgrades and now just need to go through what's left to update.
  10. IPS haven't approved the update yet, so if wanting to do it via the admin cp. You will need to wait for them. The v2.2.0 to v2.2.1 update is primarily changes that the IPS Marketplace now require such as custom tables for any collections data.
  11. Garage import files missing CSRF protection.
  12. https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/416520-forms-support/?do=findComment&comment=2839340
  13. What's the need for navigating to the link directly and I can look at getting it to work in that case? Because it's intended to open in a widget.
  14. Replied to your support ticket about this.
  15. I actually got rid of that forum. There's still the paid mod support forum.
  16. No padding on latest donations horizontal widget.
  17. Check emails and etc... for broken social media icons for DevFuse.
  18. I can't seem to reproduce this. Just made a test transfer and it worked. Do you have further steps to reproduce this? Do you know if there is any customized template bits that may be causing the problem?
  19. You can change the hook position in applications/collections/hooks/collectionsTopicView.php If you check the other hook for what position it hooks into, you can then adjust the collections app to do the same. Let me know if you need further help.
  20. Do you have ftp access to your ipb files? If so, I can send you a patch to try out before the next update is released.
  21. Manual patch Open plugins/enhancedstatusupdateswidget/settings.php Find: $form->saveAsSettings(); Replace With: $values['statusReplyUpdate_reactions'] = ( $values['statusReplyUpdate_reactions'] ) ? implode( ',', $values['statusReplyUpdate_reactions'] ) : 0; $form->saveAsSettings( $values ); Save
  22. In addition, make sure the post row hook has single and plural support. So 1 Item and 2 Items...
  23. Error when guest adds item with image INSERT INTO `collections_images` ( `image_type`, `image_default`, `image_item_id`, `image_member_id`, `image_name`, `image_url`, `image_date`, `thumb_location`, `thumb_width`, `thumb_height` ) VALUES ( 1, 0, 22, NULL, 'WebsiteHeader.png', 'monthly_2020_09/WebsiteHeader.png.3bf5c215bab7b4184d09ba98404bef06.png', 1600995813, 'monthly_2020_09/WebsiteHeader.thumb.png.19a6af4b985450749807516c7dd7372a.png', 259, 136 ) IPS\Db\Exception: Column 'image_member_id' cannot be null (1048)
  24. A new update is coming but will probably be here in the New Year.
  25. Just to confirm your using the IPB 4.5 version of News? Because that looks like a bug before the IPB 4.5 update.
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