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  1. No offence intended but I just couldn't stop laffing at this :rofl:
  2. New 3.2 version of this mod imho simply ROCKS !!! the new features just made life even easier than before so I can simply sit back and relax when members donate and let this app do all the work for me, since buying this last year I simply cannot image going back to life without it and doing everything the old manual way. Defo one of the few appz that is a must have, buy it and you will never regret it Many thanks for your continued top class work, John :D
  3. Don't talk such nonsense :getlost: Michael is straight with people, Try having a bit patience
  4. Is it just me or are the ones getting "stroppy" not even CUSTOMERS :whistle: obviously have no concept of the work involved in updating all these appz, i'm desperate for the donation mod but hey, its ready when Michael says so ;) Great work Michael and many of us DO realise the effort put into it :)
  5. Happy New Year everyone, Day 3 of partying in true scots style :D ( thank god I don't start work till wednesday :lol: )
  6. :shocked: Just saw this too, what a fantastic offer to give members :) Anyway deserved a "like" and a feed to my own sites FB page just for being a great site and modder ;)
  7. If it gets close to July I will let you know :thumbsup:
  8. 10 hours, wow try that in this country you would get wet feet cos you'd be in the english channel lol

  9. Heres how I see it : Although most modders do it mainly because they actually enjoy it, at the end of the day it is also a business and they have to live, eat and cover various costs like hosting etc etc. Do you walk into McDonalds and expect free burgers n chit ? No, well a modders site is basically his McDonalds, and the "free" stuff is out the goodness of there heart NOT because thay have to so try being grateful to them ( it's called manners in olden days :laugh: ) Lets take for example the donation tracker priced at around $35 if my memory serves me right from when I bought it myself,now considering the amount of time and work that has gone into it and the extent of functionality it has I would say its UNDER priced, it used to be a pain at times for me to keep track of who donated what and now I can get on with other things knowing this mod is taking care of all that side :) IF you think mods are over-priced, hey! try making one yourself and find out how brain frying it gets, skill is worth paying for ;) I have no qualms about pricing, if the mod does what I am looking for I buy it and am gratefull of the work the maker has saved me, nuff said :laugh: John
  10. Works perfectly on 3.1.2, use it myself and well chuffed how much work it actually saves me :D
  11. Most likely some sort of glitch I'd say because you have not assigned a group to that mask yet so how can any members be in it ?
  12. I used a 150x25 px image, the long length was so that longer group names did not result in any repeat being needed as in the images below you can see this length worked for me but you can alter it to suit your own needs : [img]http://www.planet-bytes.org.uk/forums/uploads/images/PB-1281086715-U1.gif[/img] [img]http://www.planet-bytes.org.uk/forums/uploads/images/PB-1281086749-U1.gif[/img] In your ACP, add into usergroups/Group Formatting Prefix: [Code]<span style="font-weight:bold;border:silver solid 1px;color:#FF0000;background-image:url('http://www.xxxxxxxxxxx/forums/public/background1.gif')" >[/code] Font-weight,border: and color: can all be edited to suit your own needs, Hope this helps anyone else who is trying to do this John
  13. Think Evelyn meant a ticker not a ticket m8, as in one that counts the hits to your site lol
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