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  1. ^^Yeah, i asked about this as well. Would be a very useful feature and it would make organizing events/stuff a lot more easy.
  2. I didn't even know previous versions had this Topic link feature. I like it! BTW, there a "donate.png" image inside the topic link graphics (in topic view profile) that is actually missing (along with the "donate" folder) and it's not in the package. I made my own and put it inside style_images/skin/donate/donate.png
  3. Ok. this is really not that urgent to me, especially if it would take you lots of effort to implement it. I know you're busy with other mods (especially the DT3, great job!) so only if you feel like doing it / find time, you can count on me to do whatever testing you would need.
  4. Just wondering: is it possible to set the date of topic creation for certain (future) events ie. postpone it untill the actual event date?
  5. Yes, he's THAT evil. He plans on keeping the 3.2 version ALL for himself. Look at him and his reaction after seeing the posts in which we're emploring him to release the Donation Tracker:
  6. For what is worth: I still use the 3.1.x version of the "Delete Old Topics" mod and it seems to work no problems on my 3.2.0 updated board both admin and funcionality wise.
  7. Ok. so in case I decide to renew I'll get that extra download option?
  8. Anyway, looking forward to renewing the AAG mod, once the 3.2. version shows up in the client centre. Gonna be stoping by to check when it's ready! :)
  9. ^^It still says it's a 3.1. version? At least it looks like that in my client center? :unsure:
  10. Wow, keep up the good work! Much apreaciated! :)
  11. So, Auto Anniversary Greeter in its current version doesn't report member anniversaries anymore (for 3.2.0)?
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