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  1. Soly

    Can't send donations

    I am sorry i didn't see your reply, this month has been crazy. I suppose after making a page and having the widget appear on it, there would be no need and in fact it would be better as to not use parameters in the URL when linking to it, it was just being used to how it was before. Thanks for your disposition to look into it anyway.
  2. Soly

    Can't send donations

    I just checked, didn't see any template for the "send page", so decided to try the widget and that worked... so maybe this is exclusive to navigating to the link? index.php?app=donate&module=donate&controller=send&do=sendTotal For now I have made a page and added the widget to it as it's main content, if it's possible or if you have any idea at all for using the link, please let me know.
  3. Soly

    Can't send donations

    We had to update the themes we use, which we ended up just installing from scratch, so i don't think there are any modifications that could affect this. (I have made other modifications but those shouldn't affect it) I'll look into it and inform you once I find something.
  4. Soly

    Can't send donations

    Yes, I do have access to the forum files, I can try the patch out. Just to let you know, while I am not a customer, I do manage @larva's forum I believe he ended up opening a ticket from the customers portal, but I can try it out as soon as you have it ready.
  5. A similar issue was reported before but closed with the message that the latest version has a fix for 4.5 Sending donations, specifically the url below, triggers the error message ?app=donate&module=donate&controller=send&do=sendTotal The CSRF protection key did not match. This may indicate a plugin or theme is out of date. Please contact technical support for more information. Error code: 2S119/1 Versions: Invision Community v4.5.4 Donations 3.5.0 (100200)
  6. Soly

    Stats widget totals

    While here, might as well report a typo
  7. This was reported before here but it seems to be an issue again. Total donors and Total donations are shown to the user regardless of their can view donations permission. I would suggest just not showing the stats widget at all if the user can't view donations If you don't mind me suggesting a code fix donate/widgets/donateStats.php:L52 if( !\IPS\Member::loggedIn()->group['g_dt_view_donations'] ) { return ''; } In the same funciton, the latest donator is already guarded by that same check, which can be removed (line 112, before modifications)
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