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  1. Wow, you are really moving through these apps. Will Birthday and Welcome be done soon?
  2. There were only 2 from yesterday, but I had at least a dozen welcome messages. Not sure how to tell if they are from Facebook or Twitter. They all have those long unusual member names like the one I posted above. I don't see them in the banned members list in the ACP.
  3. It's not a banned user (I don't think), I just got about a dozen of these, I turned the application off. Where would I find the spam logs?
  4. Just got a welcome message for what appears to be a guest. Message Link to account Here's another http://squarewheelscycling.com/index.php?/topic/21483-welcome-699f27599354250ac31e3b302233c4d2/#comment-198157
  5. I believe it has, I haven't seen any recent welcomes aside from this one where they updated their password.
  6. OK, so as I mentioned I have a fairly active site, but not many new people. One person requested a new password today and that triggered the Welcome messages.
  7. Sure thing, I'll give that a try. Thanks
  8. I just checked and it is there. //<?php /** * @package Auto Welcome * @author <a href='http://www.devfuse.com'>DevFuse</a> * @copyright (c) 2015 DevFuse */ class autowelcome_hook_validatehook extends _HOOK_CLASS_ { /** * Validate * * @return void */ public function validate() { /* Keep record if email validation */ try { $record = \IPS\Db::i()->select( '*', 'core_validating', array( 'vid=? AND member_id=? AND email_chg=?', \IPS\Request::i()->vid, \IPS\Request::i()->mid, 1 ) )->count(); if( $record ) { \IPS\Data\Store::i()->emailVal = 1; } } catch ( \UnderflowException $e ){} catch ( \RuntimeException $e ){} /* Carry on */ return call_user_func_array( 'parent::validate', func_get_args() ); } }
  9. Sorry to say, but someone changed their email and a welcome message was generated.
  10. Thank you, I uploaded it. I'll let you know if it happens again. Many thanks!
  11. OK, When I update the cutoff to 0 - 100 and click save, it reloads the page and shows 0 - 100. Then when I leave the page and come back, it reverts back to 0 - 0. There were two birthdays today, no message was posted. Thanks
  12. Yes Application Title Auto Welcome Current Version 2.4.1 (100002) Author Mike John Installed 12 March Thank you
  13. When members change their email address it prompts a new welcome message. Is this a setting I missed? Thanks
  14. Silly me, I thought leaving them both at 0 would simply disable that option and send to everyone. I change it to 0 - 100. I had it in my 3.4 board, but before I upgraded the board to 4.0.0 I uninstalled all mods, so I think it's a new install.
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