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  1. its not I have all the videos Featured that i want It literally only shows the First one, and the most recent featured one and it slides one time, then stops, i refresh, it slides one time Also, for some reason, the vid.me and twitch videos are not connecting when featured....even if i take off all YouTube featured ones, they still wont show in the slider
  2. is this being looked into? you can comfirm this on page https://fungamingnetwork.com even does it on default theme
  3. @Michael This was my first time posting to the bug report center was wondering how we know if you received it and if you are able to do a fix?
  4. I forgot to add that the twitch videos and vid.me videos do not show in the slider either
  5. The slider is only showing a max of 2 featured videos....... There isn't a option that is see to make it 1 or what number you want so i'm guessing it should be showing how ever many is featured? also....the slider is a auto slider? So that means it should be auto sliding back and forth between the featured videos......it slides one time, and then stops I have flipped my custom theme to default IPS theme, and it still does both of what i have posted i have disabled all 3rd party apps and plugins.....still does the same
  6. @Michael im a cloud client and was wondering if you could do a patch for us that don't have access to our main files/ftp? Or do you have any idea of when you will have this update ready in full version to release?
  7. Is there a place where we can see what days or times that your on your own Board @Michael ?

    Yes i do know you have your own life outside of Coding, lol just wondering so we don't spam the site with questions

    1. Michael


      Typically Sunday to Friday (Australian time). But I wasn't able to get online this particular weekend.

    2. MrOneCall of FGN

      MrOneCall of FGN

      Thx you, and 100% understood

  8. So i might have missed something...or i just might be too impatient... But is Videos even supported anymore? Are you on Vacation? lol
  9. Not to rush you as you have worked at updates, but it has been over a month now for a possible update to have Default Promotions for the Videos app @Michael
  10. @Michael Are you or did you eve release a update that included the Default Promote to Social Media? My members would really like to see their content showing up on our Main Twitter & Facebook accounts for more Exposure Can this plz be added soon?
  11. Ok i found what was wrong i had used the wrong update, lol i updated the right file out of the downloads here...and now it works fine thank you for your help @media
  12. Can you show me how you set up your media site setting in the acp? I have done both for Twitch & Vidme and i keep getting the error I use 4.2.4
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