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  1. Me too I have now upgraded to the latest IPB version 3.1.2 and Donation Tracker wouldn't work. So I removed it. Now I am left without a Donation Mod :(
  2. LOL Ok I guess all I can do is wait. Thanks Michael :)
  3. Hello Guys I have an idea that I'd like to share and discuss here :) I'm sure I ain't the first one that has thought of this. but here goes : I am using Michael Donation Tracker Paid Mod and I have to see that I am VERY PLEASED with it. Thank You Michael. Now I am planning on having a VIP section on my forum. They way I would like it to work is like this: Members become VIP for a certain period, depending on the amount they donated. For example, a member donates $10 > they get moved up a rank to VIP status and after a month they automatically are brought back down to member status again. However if a member donates $60 they get to be VIP for a year and after a year .. again they get brought down to regular status. I think you got the idea. :) What do you guys think ? wouldn't this be GREAT !! :) Please comment. Thank You.
  4. Why when is IPB3.1 going to be released ? Also, how can I find out what changes / improvements have been made in IPB3.1 ?
  5. aww that's a shame. I was really looking forward to it :( How long do you reckon before you get the time to add it ? Thanks Michael, You're GREAT.
  6. Hello Michael Me again ? :D Have you had the chance to add that feature ? We are well into the year. :laugh: Let me know please. Thank You.
  7. OK I'll bump this Topic in several weeks. :) When you say several weeks .. how many weeks are we talking exactly ? Thanks
  8. I really really need it to send a PM when an edit has been made. Can you not tweak it a little, so that a PM is sent when I or my Mods edit as well. Thanks
  9. Hello On my forum I want people to post in a certain way. Those that do not > I or the Moderators have to edit their posts then send them a PM with the link to their topic > saying that we have edited his topic for him/her and that he/she should take note of the edits for next time. They also get a warning to let them know that if next time they post with the same mistakes again .. their posts will be deleted. >> When that happens, I or the Moderators again send them a PM explaining that they did not listen to the first warning (which was the PM) and now their posts were deleted. As you can see this is a lot of work. Does your Modification [ Moderator Action Alert v1.2.1 ] help make this process easier ? If so, can you please explain how so ? I have bought one of your Mods before, so I am a loyal customer Now looking to buy from you again. which means you were very good the first time round. :thumbsup: Thank You.
  10. Hi Guys My forum is running 3.0.3 currently using the Default Skin. I am planning on buying Donation Tracker. My question is .. if tomorrow I change the Skin of the forum, will Donatino Tracker be effected in any way ? Because soon I'll be changing the forum Skin. Thanks
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