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  1. I was asking for IPB 3.4.8, sorry I didn't specify that, but now I know that it does it in IPB4 when I upgrade to that :D
  2. I haven't upgraded my forum to v4 yet so haven't renewed my purcash yet, which disabled me from being able to ask this question within the official support topic. However I think it would be useful knowledge to the people who would want to buy the Auto Birthday Greeter too so; The Group Exclude feature does it support secondary groups too, or is it only the primary group? I was thinking this because on the forum I run we have some people whom have become dead in real life, and I want to let them remain in the group they are, so if they would get excluded by being i a secondary group then I'd simply just make one called "No Bday" and add them to it!
  3. Here's a side by side comparison Default IP. Board skin on the left and the Deviant 3 on the right side: It looks sorta okay in the default skin but could be tweaked a bit too, ex. making the options table widther so the results fit better, instead of having it now fill the whole thing if you know what I mean. But the obvious bug I'm talking about it the buttons on the Deviant skin.
  4. Is there any way to customize the style of this to make it fit in custom themes? I'm using the Deviant 3 skin and this hook doesn't look that good on it could use some tweaking is all ;)
  5. Okay I've found the reason why the global message doesn't show up! Go to Manage Applications & Modules and edit the Global Messages application. Copy the Application Title into the Application Public Title so they're identical then save it. He forgot to give the public side a title which makes it show up. If it doesn't have a title then it will cause the application to not be shown on the front end, making it an admin only application!
  6. same for me, now the global message doesn't show up anywere and the hook is enabled. :/
  7. Happy Birthday Cabola!

  8. A little info: My forum is for a RuneScape (MMORPG) Clan and there for the leaders of that clan would like to know when a person has returned. Suggestion: In the "Move Inactive" settings you can set it to PM 1 person when a member has returned. I think it might be better if you could make it post a daily topic in a forum when this has happened instead. Ex. you can choose if it should be a instand pm or a daily forum topic. On my forum I know there's more people that would want to know about returning people then just me. So make it do like a daily task forum topic list like the Birthday Greeter mod. So it posts whom has returned that day or something like that, if none has returned then it does nothing.
  9. No thank you, you explained it all, I just thought it made a new post within the topic being closed stating it's been closed, reason etc.
  10. what exactly does the topic alert do? Does it make a new post with the action made, or does it update the original topic post? I can't see what it does from the topic alert screenshot..
  11. I have read that topic, and all it says is to request it, but it doesn't say where to request it ;) Ex. do you want us to request it for each product we've bought, or do you just want us to send 1 support ticket with the product as "other"? I've done the last as I doubt you want a bunch of the same support tickets..
  12. looks good. The new IPB takes some getting used to, but we will all survive it.. :) I hope you're sending out an email to all customers with the info on how to upgrade our mods to IPB3. You know what the grace period starts and on how to actually request an upgrade for our self.. I wasn't able to find any topic station this and I don't want to pm you as it'd just get lost in all the billions of pm's you get :P
  13. I know this is sorta an ol' topic and all. I voted that I'd be upgrading after 3.0.1 but that isn't entirely true, I have some mods on my current version which I'm waiting to be upgraded first before I switch over. Mainly because that is what my users are accustomed to..
  14. I think it's a good plan. I actually think all my license are expired.. :/ I'll have to remember to renew them before IPB3 is released..
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