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  1. Yea, I can't remember why I quit using Guest Message under IPB V4, but I started using the PHP & TXT widget for my Guest Welcome message. It looks like you are still on IPB V3. The Guest Message app works different when using IPB V4. You can test the output on the fly just shrinking your browser sideways which will display all the responsive modes, and make it easier to edit.
  2. When adding modification you have to remember that it works under responsive. While it might look good in Desktop mode, it may not in tablet, or mobile mode.
  3. You can't edit it from there, I know confusing. Look in the ACP for the Plugins and edit from there.
  4. The PM setting when on The PM switch when on is treated like a conversation. I believe one is sent to the new user and one sent to you. Turn the PM switch off if that is what is happening. This is how it works in 4.0, unlike 3.x the PM switch only worked one way.
  5. Ah, I get it now, PM's are conversations.
  6. So is it supposed to send a PM to my PM or just to the new users PM. The option to send a PM is still there. It's confusing because I'm not understanding why I'm receiving these PM's. I already receive an eMail when a new user registers.
  7. I'll update now. It's hard to keep up if the versions numbers are not changing. I have 2.4.2 installed and there is a PM option.
  8. Why am I receiving a welcome message in my inbox every time a new user joins. Is this the way it is supposed to work? I have Send welcome pm? turned on. Is this supposed to send a Welcome message to me in PM or to the new user in PM? I would attach a picture but an error happens: You have exceeded your allotted disk space for attachments TIA...
  9. The system sends me an email to notify me that a new user has Registered. When I log into my account there is a pending PM , and opening that message I get the attached:
  10. So I should or shouldn't be receiving anything from Auto Welcome?
  11. I just updated but I think I was using the latest. I have activated 'Send Welcome PM' and will see again. I'm assuming that I should not be receiving these welcome PM's when a new user validates?
  12. A PM is being sent to me with every registration from Auto Welcome. I turned it off because I'm being notified through the system when a new user registers. Is it supposed to work that way?
  13. It is sending a PM to me (admin) after every new user registers, Is this correct? I thought it only sent to new users email, and to then in a PM to the new user on board?
  14. After going into the AdminCP, Selected Customizations, Localization, languages, then selecting Translation Tools, and turning on 'Quick Translating'. I'm now able to edit the actual header on the main page by long clicking 'Donate' in the header of the plugin, it opens up to allow me to edit the header, and it is saved. Not allowing the header in 4.0 to be edited may have been a bug and was resolved in 4.0.1, or it was because the option was added to the plugin? Is there a way to add a PayPal icon to the text. I tried adding my code from my 3.4.7 Donate Sidebar, and it just displayed the text?
  15. This is happening in 4.0 Gold release.
  16. Tried importing the .tar archive into IPB 4.0 Gold several times but I keep getting: A configuration or server error has occurred EX2 Something went wrong. Please try again.
  17. It would be great if you could add it to the widget. It takes a bunch of moves just to natively edit the headers in IPB. Thanks...
  18. I'm not sure but I made a request on another plugin and he just added an option to the configuration. As far as I know 3rd party plugins have never been able to edit the header unless there is an option added to the widget. The IPB widgets have always been able to edit, and I'm on RC7a.
  19. I have no problems editing the default IPB widget header.
  20. After installing the plugin, add it as an Widget, and it works. I'm now trying to change the header "Donate". I have went into the AdminCP, Selected Customizations, Localization, languages. I then selected Translation Tools, and turned on 'Quick Translating'. Now I go to the main page, long click 'Donate' in the header of the plugin, it opens up to allow me to edit the header, and I add my changes but refuses to save with this error: I'm logged into the AdminCP, and the website. Maybe you could add an option to edit the header in the plugin?
  21. I'll give the above a try. But there is an issue below. I installed the plugin into RC6, "Enable hook" is turned off. Now I go back to my home page a refresh. I now get this message:
  22. Here is something odd. I can install another plugin and on refresh of the home page as guest I get the error.html file displayed in the browser. I can go in a disable the guest plugin, refresh the page as guest and the page loads with no problem, but the guest message is still being displayed, even though I disabled it in the plugins. I can enable it in plugins and all is back to normal.
  23. Ok, thanks... Is it possible to have the picture displayed on the left side?
  24. I just preformed a new upgrade to RC5 from 3.4.7. Installed the Guest module and for several times installing and removing, and enabling, and disabling, it now is working. After the initial install of the Guest module I accessed the home page. I kept getting the error.html file displayed in the browser. I could disable the Guest module and the site would load normally. Enabling again would get the error again. I guess it finally felt sorry for me and the site loaded normally. I found the widget in the block manager moved it to the center, it was added, i logged off and it works :) Hopefully it will integrate much better when I preform a live install.
  25. Fresh install of RC4. I pretty much install, activate, and drop the widget into the top area. It tells me to logoff to see the message, and I do. Refreshing the screen gets the error. Once the error is displayed I have to uninstall the module, just deactivating it doesn't work. Attached is a php info stats. phpinfo.zip
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