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  1. One more question, Michael. The progres bar is not refreshing automaticaly. I always have to refresh it from backend. Do I have to use a cron for this? Or something else? Thanks in advance. Cheers.
  2. Wow! Worked like a charm! You could give this option and update the plugin itself and let others using it :). Many thanks. Cheers.
  3. Hello Michael, Is there any possibility to change the progress bar color? If using css, where can I change this? Thanks in advance.
  4. Searched already but haven't found any topic related to feedback here at DevFuse. Absolute TOP SUPPORT! I will always keep an eye on devfuse regarding any new plugin which will be released and will suit my needs. Thanks! Regards, Alex
  5. Mike, Sorry, but I can't see any reply within support ticket. Apart from the other issue (you know which one, actually is not an issue rather than a compatibility form), I can't see any other tickets (open/closed) inside customer support area. Thanks in advance. Regards, Alex
  6. Hello Mike, Any news regarding my request? Regards, Alex
  7. Hello Mike, Yes, that's correct; I've previously sent a request (regarding 2 different modifications) in your required form. Please, cancel that request (already obsolete)! And no, I got no issues by sending this kind of document; went smooth without whatsoever errors. What I find very odd is that I can't find any evidence that I sent these requests. I can't find anything related with. Regards, Alex
  8. Hello Mike, Thanks for your swift reply. You can find required info per custom form request (together with your questions and my answers). Regards, Alex
  9. Thanks Mike for your swift reply. Please, let me know if you're willing to do it and make a quotation of it. I'm willing to pay. Regards, Alex
  10. Hello Mike, I've been tracking you here from IPS. I already have auto birthday greeter and donation sidebar. Both of them working by the book. One question though: is that possible to implement inside donate sidebar or donation tracker (I am at his moment thinking of purchasing it) the possibility of having a Steam ID for CS players who buy server slots or simply are making donation to gaming community? I'm asking because we already have Member ID implemented and we also need SteamID to appear within paypal donation. Is much more efective to count. Thanks in advance. Regards, Alex
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