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  1. No, I haven't purchased yet, but OK, I'll submit a ticket.
  2. May I ask for test setup for collections system? Might be faser then going back and forth with questions :)
  3. Hi, I run a travel forum and I am interested in creating an area where members can share their travel plans, maybe helping others looking to do the same trip in the future. I am eyeing the garage or collection systems, but I am not sure they fulfil the purpose and to be honest I am somewhat confused what is the difference between the two. What I am looking for on top of my head: -Categories - based on continents and subcategories based on countries. I am sure every app can do that. -Different type of trips: Lazy, Rushed, Overnight, Photography, Trek, etc. Does any of the apps support prefixes, or tags? -Ability to structure the trip itinerary - day 1, do 1,2,3. Overnight here. Day 2, do 1,2,3, overnight there. ---The structure should be easy to create different segments. Essentially something like this: http://www.holidayen.com/featured/London.html where it is possible to add a picture, google maps link, official website link and some text to each attraction. -Comments and/or support topics should be definitely available. What do you think, can the garage or collections system fulfil my need? Or maybe there is another mod outside of devfuse? I am considering IP.Content too, but it is way way too complicated for me for the time being...
  4. Thanks Chris. I played with it and it looks like the most harmless way was to remove the padding or margin around the block and drop the font size by 1px. Made the blocks fit perfectly. Thank you again.
  5. Appreciate the update, especially the changes related to narrow board widths. I have an additional issue and hope someone can help me. I want to fit 3 videos per line in the Member Videos sections, but I don't know which part of the template to edit. If I reduce the thumbnail size it is of no help. Basically I want to remove all the red space and fit one more video per line instead. Can someone help me with the css/template edits?
  6. Worked perfectly, thanks! Chris, I am also on small width fixed resolution (990px). I had to reluctantly disable most of the sidebars in forum, gallery and other mods because of that. The best way to read a text is in a narrow column, not very wide where your eyes are getting tired from moving left to right. Looking at all the big sites (starting with the dreaded facebook, but also cnn.com, etc) all use the same layout - the content is centered in the middle with a lot of empty space on the sides. Thats why I hate the new trend with 16:9 screen format, which is optimized for movies and gaming and not for text reading, but I am getting way off-topic here...
  7. Hi, I do realize that this is likely a skin issue, thus outside of the scope of the support, but I hope you can give me some guidelines where to look. This is what happens on my board when you open the video: The buttons Add Video and My videos are not active, you can't click on them, just the images related to them are loaded and I can't figure out why. The "view more" link on top of them is working. I hope you can at least give me some more specific information that I need to pass to the author of the skin.
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