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  1. Thank you @Michael please let me know when you are able to provide support and upgrade the custom plugins I have with you. Invision Community are unable to provide support for my theme issue intel all old apps and plugins are either updated or removed. There is an issue and any theme that is set as default then omits certain graphics like the borders around message boxes. The issue is that this is cause issues on the sign up page as the terms button is not visible and users don't know where to click. So we are loosing sign ups. Any theme that is set as the default then exhibits this issue. So I need to upgrade or remove all old apps and plugins so that Inivision Community will provide support for this.
  2. Hello @Michael, I have a lot of custom applications/plugins from you as well as marketplace plugins/applications from you. Will you be able to provide support for these custom applications & plugins going forwards? And if so, do you know when you will be able to update to 4.5? I have some issues that I need Invision Community to provide support on, and they can't do until I have updated all of the plugins/applications to 4.5 I have tried contacting you multiple times but have not received a reply.
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