DevFuse - Terms of Service

Terms of Service

As soon as money is received from you or preliminary custom project planning is started, Terms of Service provided below become effective and legally binding contract without needed knowledge from Client (you) or Company (DevFuse).

Payment Process

We currently only accept Paypal as payment, paypal accepts all major credit/debit cards. In some cases there may be delays of 1-2 days for the competition of orders due to payment confirmation and checks to protect you and us from fraudulent transactions. In the case of custom orders we require require 50% payment upfront as soon as we provide screen shots or demos of custom order development. And 50% payment once custom order is sent to you by us. Lack of communication of 2 weeks between you and DevFuse will result on a per case basis review of your project and project may be halted or ceased from lack of communication.


Support responses may vary between each case, but we endeavor to reply to each case within 24 hours of submission. All custom orders come with 2 weeks free support for bug fixes that were created by us. If custom order is edited by you and problems occur that are not the result of our development, support will incur a $20 per hour charge to fix any issues. Expansion or additions of custom orders after start date will be reviewed on a per case basis, and if additions are of significant value custom order price quote will increase or decrease depending on additions or removal of order features.

Ownership and redistribution rights

Unless stated other wise in individual order contracts we hold ownership and distribution rights of order. Ownership and redistribution rights for an custom orders is an optional extra and will incur an additional fee provided with any contract with DevFuse. Upon successful payment a 'Transfer of Ownership / Redistribution Rights Statement' will be sent to you, no refund policy exists for ownership of redistribution rights.


Copyright removal for any order be it custom or premade is an optional extra and does incur an additional fee provided upon contacting us. In the case of custom orders copyright removal fee will be provided in each individual contract. If copyright removal is not purchased, copyright tags being visible or comments must remain intact and visible to the naked eye, copyright removal is only sold per product and is only usable on 1 domain name.


One free installation is provided for any order be it custom or premade, and is available at any stage of order, provided request is made within 6 months of order start date.

Refund Policy

We do not have a user refund policy in place, although in some cases if order is not compatible with your host, we may refund up to 85% of already sent money for that order, if proof can be provided that the order will not work with your host. A refund request must take place before 2 weeks after completion of order. If DevFuse for any can not complete a custom order we will refund 95% of money already sent for that order.

DevFuse Community Forums

The DevFuse Forums were created for member interaction benefits and in no way are supported officially when it comes to support issues with any order or product of us. Access to the forums are a privilege not a right, and when disruption occurs by anyone, further access to forums may be limited.

Last Updated: 8th January 2013