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Birthday Greeter v2.1.1 (IP.Board 4.6.x)

Birthday greeter that can send out birthday emails, topics, personal messages, status updates and chatbox messages to members celebrating their birthday. Included widgets to also wish members a happy birthday.


Collections v2.2.2 (IP.Board 4.6.x)

Allows your community to setup a collection/database of items, with the ability to add images, mods and comments for each item. Including custom field support.


Donations v3.5.2 (IP.Board 4.6.x)

Help fund and grow your forum with donations, setup goals and track member donations. Offer rewards for donations such as group upgrades and donor tags.


Forms v1.4.3 (IP.Board 4.6.x)

Build your own forms for your members, supporting alerts for pm, email and topics. Integrate with the registration form or add forms into widget areas throughout your forum.


Messages v2.5.1 (IP.Board 4.6.x)

Application that allows you to create and display messages throughout your forum. Customize the style of each message and choose under which circumstances they display.


Videos v3.5.2 (IP.Board 4.6.x)

Allows your members to submit their own videos for community viewing. Support is included for all the major video sites.


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