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Customer Rewards v1.1.0 (IP.Board 4.7.x)

Give out member group upgrades based on the total spending in the Commerce upgrade. Give out different upgrades based on different spending ranges and modify either the primary or secondary groups.


New Purchase PM v1.1.1 (IP.Board 4.7.x)

Send a personal message after purchases have been made in the Commerce application. Included quick tags and custom template for each product.


Purchase Goal v1.2.1 (IP.Board 4.7.x)

Sidebar widget to display total spending in Commerce application against a purchase goal. Set a base as well as flex goals, summary of recent purchases and reset progress from selected date.


Recent Purchases v1.2.1 (IP.Board 4.7.x)

Sidebar widget to display recent purchases in the Commerce application. Set how many you want to list, from which date and allow members to make either their purchase or amount anonymous.


Text Adverts v1.1.1 (IP.Board 4.7.x)

Setup text based advertisements that allow members or admins to setup text only adverts. Set character limits or custom expiration dates.


Top Customers v1.1.1 (IP.Board 4.7.x)

Sidebar widget to display top spending customers in the Commerce application. Set how many you want to list and calculate from a selected date.


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