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Frequently Asked Questions

tick How do I pay?
Any product you purchase is paid using Paypal. Our paypal account is business verified.

tick What about support?
All purchases will be supported through our client centre. All downloading and support will be held within the Client Centre. Unless stated otherwise each purchase receives 12 months of support and free updates during the subscription. You may still use your purchase unsupported and without upgrades after your subscription expires. You can renew your subscription at a discounted rate and continue to receive support and upgrades.

tick How do I get my files?
Once you pay for your product you will be redirected to a download page within your Client Centre.

tick Do you install purchases for me?
Each purchase comes with one free optional install by Dev Fuse.

tick 2 days have passed, where do I download?
If for any reason you can not access your files, please Contact Us.

tick What about copyright removal?
This copyright removal hook is only for paid DevFuse products and will be checked against the forum url used in the DevFuse customer centre that you entered when downloading this hook. Copyright removal is valid for all DevFuse paid products for the url you enter when downloading this product.

DevFuse products from IPB 3.1.x onwards will support the automatic copyright removal with the installation of this hook. For older versions of our software, you'll need to open a support ticket requesting instructions to manually remove the copyright.

tick What version of IPB does your IPB Addons support?
We generally support the latest version of IPB unless stated otherwise. Extra packages are provided for older versions of IPB in some cases. But are not supported and may contain less features than the current version. We recommend you inquire beforehand. If you plan to use a modification for an older version of IPB. Or are unsure about what version an IPB addon supports.

If there are older versions of the IPB addon that support such versions of IPB 2.0 and IPB 2.1 will be listed under Extra Downloads when you purchase your IPB Addon.

tick Can I get a refund?
Due to the nature of online business. We do not offer any user refund. And will only offer a user a refund on a per case basis. Such as purchase not being compatible with your host. We will however answer any presale questions you have.

tick I need more product information?
If there is anything you are unsure about each purchase. Simply contact us with your questions before purchasing. And we will get back to you.

tick Why should I trust DevFuse?
DevFuse has been in operation and a Paypal member since late 2005. We are a business verified Paypal merchant, located in Australia we have many Australian, U.S, U.K and international customers. With premium products like the Contact System and Timeslip System in continuous development for more than 3 years. And new premium products recently released including Donation Tracker and Global Messages.

tick How much does it cost to renew my license once subscription expires?
When ever your license expires, you may still use the product you purchased unsupported and without upgrades. If you wish to renew your license when it does expire, you pay the latest product price minus a 50% discount. (Not your original purchase price.)

tick How long until new IP.Board upgrades are supported?
If you purchased an IP.Board addon and IP.Board releases an upgrade during your license subscription. Updates for your purchase usually are completed within a few weeks of the update. This of course is dependent on the complexity of the latest IP.Board update. Major new versions will take around a months time to upgrade.

tick How long for support tickets to be answered?
You can expect a response within 48 hours from any support ticket submitted. This includes every school and public holiday. If for any reason, support ticket responses will be delayed, there will be a notice in your Customer Centre.

tick Are any of your files encoded at all?
No product files are encoded unless the product page says otherwise. We have no foreseeable plans at encoding our files in the future.

tick My Paypal account is unverified, do I have to wait a certain time before being able to download my purchase?
Because we sell digital products we do require new unverified Paypal buyers to wait before being able to download there purchase, this time is clearly displayed on the checkout and you can also see the countdown in hours in your customer centre. This time wait does not affect unverified Paypal buyers who have been a customer for more than 14 days. This time wait is designed to protect customers which have had there Paypal account stolen.

Please Contact Us with any presale questions you may have.

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