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News v2.4.1

News application allows you to add news for your community. Includes support for news categories and comments. Click here to read my IPS Marketplace purchase guide before purchasing.


  • NEW RSS import news feeds into the News application.
  • Create discussion topics for newly created news items.
  • Integration with IPB share links, so news can be shared by members.
  • Built in support for IPB comments feature.
  • Group permissions for viewing, adding, updating and moderating news.
  • News categories and subcategories to organize news entries.
  • Optional RSS feed export, including support for individual RSS feeds export for each news category.
  • Integration with IPB follow feature, including the option to follow news entries or news categories.
  • Included widgets displaying the latest news on board index.
  • Support for the IPB search feature, including view new content support.

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Standard License - $30.00

  • 12 months free software upgrades/support
  • 2 day business day ticket response
  • Free installs and upgrades
  • One active and one test installation

Changelog (View full changelog)

v2.4.1 (April 2022)
Fix for group permissions not saving.

v2.4.0 (March 2022)
RSS import news feeds into the News application.

v2.3.3 (November 2021)
Bug fix for fatal error when selecting my news filter.

v2.3.2 (June 2021)
IP.Board 4.6.x compatibility database updates. And minor bug fix.

v2.3.1 (December 2020)
IP.Board 4.5.x compatibility database updates.


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