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Betting Topics v1.1.0

Create betting topics where members can place and match each others bets. With supports for different betting choices and betting odds.

  • Setup and maintain as many betting choices as you want.
  • Live ajax refresh of active betting topics.
  • Set which forums support betting topics.
  • Set how many betting tokens new members receive.
  • Group permissions for who can view, place and moderate bets.
  • Set betting choices and minimum bet amounts per topic. As well as the start and end dates for active bets.
  • Member notifications for when your bet is matched or you win a bet.
  • Profile tab and display of a members current bets, betting tokens and win/loss ratio for bets.
  • Top bet winners and latest bet topics widgets.

Requirements: IP.Board 4.2.x+ - PHP 7+ - MySQL 5.5+ - View full requirements here.

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Standard License - $25.00

  • 12 months free software upgrades/support
  • 2 day business day ticket response
  • Free installs and upgrades
  • One active and one test installation

Changelog (View full changelog)

v1.1.0 (February 2021)

IP.Board 4.5.x compatibility check and update.

v1.0.6 (February 2019)

IP.Board 4.4.x compatibility check and update.

v1.0.5 (January 2019)

Initial application release.


Topic Bets - Admin.pngPlace Bet.pngMembers Bets - Admin.pngEdit Betting Settings - Admin.pngEdit Bet Option - Admin.pngChoose Bet Winner.pngBetting Topics Widgets.pngBetting Topics Settings - Admin.pngBetting Topics Profile.pngBetting Topics Permissions - Admin.pngBetting Topics Notifications.pngBetting Form.pngBet Choices - Admin.pngTopic Bet.png

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