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Blogs Mass Moderation Thumbnail

Blogs Mass Moderation Featured

Apply mass moderation actions entry category or set feature images for multiple blog entries.

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Messages Thumbnail
Application that allows you to create and display messages throughout your forum. Customize the style of each message and choose under which circumstances they display.
Donations Thumbnail
Help fund and grow your forum with donations, setup goals and track member donations. Offer rewards for donations such as group upgrades and donor tags.
Calendar Topics Thumbnail
Calendar Topics
Create a discussion topic for new calendar events. Allowing your community to discuss events.
Birthday Greeter Thumbnail
Birthday Greeter
Birthday greeter that can send out birthday emails, topics, personal messages, status updates and chatbox messages to members celebrating their birthday. Included widgets to also wish members a happy birthday.
Videos Thumbnail
Allows your members to submit their own videos for community viewing. Support is included for all the major video sites.
News Thumbnail
News application allows you to add news for your community. Includes support for news categories and comments.
Forms Thumbnail
Build your own forms for your members, supporting alerts for pm, email and topics. Integrate with the registration form or add forms into widget areas throughout your forum.
Collections Thumbnail
Allows your community to setup a collection/database of items, with the ability to add images, mods and comments for each item. Including custom field support.
Copyright Removal (Free Plugins) Thumbnail
Copyright Removal (Free Plugins)
Copyright removal for our free plugins and applications.
Forum Logos Thumbnail
Forum Logos
Add text or logo images to each forum. Useful if you want to have members "sponsor" a particular forum.
Enhanced Status Updates Widget Thumbnail
Enhanced Status Updates Widget
Adds status replies and add reply support to the "Recent Status Updates" widget with support for both rich text, reactions and pagination.
External Links Thumbnail
External Links
Control how external links are displayed in posts, including the ability to add a url prefix to external links.
Basic Points Thumbnail
Basic Points
Points application to issue new points to members for new topics, posts, signing up or manually via their profile page. Control the points given for various things and permissions from the admin cp.
Expire PM Attachments Thumbnail
Expire PM Attachments
Removes old PM attachments with the ability to send a warning PM X days before removal.
Thumbs Rating Thumbnail
Thumbs Rating
Adds up/down thumb ratings to topics as well as display on forum view.
Rebuild Tools (Rebuild remote image cache) Thumbnail
Rebuild Tools (Rebuild remote image cache)
This rebuild tool goes through your forums posts and attempts to download remote images to store in the image proxy cache and update the post with the cached version.
Topic Episode Format Thumbnail
Topic Episode Format
This plugin adds tv episode formatting to new topics with the ability to set the season, episode and air date.
Live Topics Thumbnail
Live Topics
This plugin automatically adds new posts by other members into the topic while viewing the topic. Overriding the default flash message with options for how often and how long new posts should be checked for.
Random Logos Thumbnail
Random Logos
Replace your one logo with random logos on page load. Group logos for different themes and member groups.
Lazy Load Videos Thumbnail
Lazy Load Videos
This plugin speeds up load times by replacing supported video embeds (YouTube) with preview images. Users can then view the video by clicking the preview image and the embed will load like normal via javascript.
Topic Video Thumbnail
Topic Video
Allows members to add videos to new and existing topics. Included options for manually entering a support media url, integration with the Videos application or adding a placeholder image until a video is ready.
Limit Emoticons Allowed Thumbnail
Limit Emoticons Allowed
Limit the number of emoticons allowed in new topics and posts.
Auto Merge Exclusions Thumbnail
Auto Merge Exclusions
Allow selected forums and/or groups to be excluded from the auto post merging setting.
Topic Icons Thumbnail
Topic Icons
Add topic icons to newly created topics. Set which forums and member groups can use them. And which forums require a topic icon.
Members Teams Thumbnail
Members Teams
Setup teams that your members can become fans of and display that in the members team widget.
Moderate Updated Content Thumbnail
Moderate Updated Content
This plugin hides/unapproves content after a member edits it. Set what kind of content will require moderation again and which forums they are in. As well as which groups can bypass moderation.
Unique Profile Fields Thumbnail
Unique Profile Fields
This plugin allows you to select which custom profile fields require unique value/content when members edit their profiles. So that multiple members can not have the same profile field value.
Advertise By Country Thumbnail
Advertise By Country
Select which countries your advertisements will appear in. Integrates with the Commerce app to sell ad products to selected countries. Setup regions for quick access to multiple countries.
Auto Lock Topics Thumbnail
Auto Lock Topics
Automatically lock topics by multiple filter types including last post date, number of posts, author etc... Optionally add a post reply to topics once locked.
Downloads FTP Mirror Thumbnail
Downloads FTP Mirror
Have download records mirrored in the background on another ftp server. Set a limit on the size or age of a file that will be mirrored and allow remote files to be downloaded through your server.
Geolocation Firewall Thumbnail
Geolocation Firewall
Setup registration blocks or require admin validation for members from certain countries, ip addresses or ip address ranges. Log duplicate ip addresses for different accounts.
Deal Topics Thumbnail
Deal Topics
Allow members to share deals/bargains using topics. Set a normal/msrp price, deal price and a link where to purchase.
PGN Chess Viewer Thumbnail
PGN Chess Viewer
Adds PGN chess viewer support via bbcode. Control the display and design of the chess board via several settings in the admin cp.
Topic Category & Website Thumbnail
Topic Category & Website
Add category and website filters to topics and filter topics based on those values. With a pre-filled database of categories and automatic detection of website urls in topic posts.
Reply Post Template Thumbnail
Reply Post Template
Add a template to post replies in selected forums. Select which groups can view and add unique reply templates to any forum.
Forum Status Thumbnail
Forum Status
Set an "active" and "inactive" status for forums and allow members to toggle the forums homepage display for either status. Set forums to exclude and which member groups can access.
New Member Followup Thumbnail
New Member Followup
Send follow up personal messages to members X days after they sign up. Setup up to 5 messages with the ability to customize the number of days after signing up and the personal message.
Bulk Mail Our Picks Thumbnail
Bulk Mail Our Picks
Choose which promoted items you want to display in the "Our Picks" section of bulk emails. Select either the specific items or limit the number of latest our picks to show.
Text Adverts Thumbnail
Text Adverts
Setup text based advertisements that allow members or admins to setup text only adverts. Set character limits or custom expiration dates.
Recent Purchases Thumbnail
Recent Purchases
Sidebar widget to display recent purchases in the Commerce application. Set how many you want to list, from which date and allow members to make either their purchase or amount anonymous.
Secondary Group Display Thumbnail
Secondary Group Display
Display a members secondary groups in select locations throughout the forum. Including topic, hovercard and profile view. Select which secondary groups display and the order in which they display.
Who Followed Permissions Thumbnail
Who Followed Permissions
Set which member groups can view who followed content and which content types they can view as well. Optionally display or hide the who followed badge counter.
Top Customers Thumbnail
Top Customers
Sidebar widget to display top spending customers in the Commerce application. Set how many you want to list and calculate from a selected date.
Purchase Goal Thumbnail
Purchase Goal
Sidebar widget to display total spending in Commerce application against a purchase goal. Set a base as well as flex goals, summary of recent purchases and reset progress from selected date.
Customer Rewards Thumbnail
Customer Rewards
Give out member group upgrades based on the total spending in the Commerce upgrade. Give out different upgrades based on different spending ranges and modify either the primary or secondary groups.
Days Quit Thumbnail
Days Quit
Allows members to track their quit day for various things like alcohol or smoking. Displayed when posting new replies, they can view the amount of money they saved and the number of days since their last quit date.
Profile Photos & Covers Thumbnail
Profile Photos & Covers
Upload multiple profile photos and cover images and have them randomly assigned to new members joining based on their gender selection.
Topic Attach Thumbnails Thumbnail
Topic Attach Thumbnails
Allows your members to add topic thumbnails from topic attachments. Now also includes support for image uploads, image urls, external images and media thumbnails.
Profile Fields Group Change Thumbnail
Profile Fields Group Change
Set a custom primary member group during signup based on selected profile fields.
New Purchase PM Thumbnail
New Purchase PM
Send a personal message after purchases have been made in the Commerce application. Included quick tags and custom template for each product.
Betting Topics Thumbnail
Betting Topics
Create betting topics where members can place and match each others bets. With supports for different betting choices and betting odds.
Forum Adverts Thumbnail
Forum Adverts
Setup ad products or advertisements that target selected forums. Integrates with the Commerce application or can use without and only for advertisements.
Download Post Images Thumbnail
Download Post Images
This plugin adds a download button to any attachment images you have uploaded in your posts. Control who can use this and what forums this works in.
Friendly Number Format Thumbnail
Friendly Number Format
Replace the unfriendly numbers throughout your forums with friendly versions. For example 12,416 becomes 12.4k and 1,165,156 becomes 1.2m.
Reported Content Search Thumbnail
Reported Content Search
Adds search options to the reported content area in the moderator cp. Search by report author, reported member or report text.
Forum Moderators Thumbnail
Forum Moderators
Add a list of a forums moderators to the bottom of moderated forums.
Secondary Group Formatting Thumbnail
Secondary Group Formatting
Format members usernames using their secondary groups. For example adding a dollar sign ($) in front of members username with a "Donors" secondary group.
SortBy Most Reactions Thumbnail
SortBy Most Reactions
Sort a forums topics by the most reactions it has received. Select which forums or member groups support reaction counts.
Notify Leaderboard Members Thumbnail
Notify Leaderboard Members
Send inline notifications to members when they are selected as a past leader in the leaderboard. Set the task run time and timezone to match your leaderboard.
Topic Header Thumbnail
Topic Header
Display a summary of topic details at the top of every topic. Including first and last poster, views, number of attachments and who posted in the topic.
Moderator Notifications Thumbnail
Moderator Notifications
Send a personal message to members for selected moderator actions to their content. Such as locking a topic, featuring a calendar event or deleting a forum post.
Video Widget Thumbnail
Video Widget
Quickly add video widgets with embed support, description and link to a topic for discussion. Supports internal IP.Board oEmbed video sites.
Followed Content Sorting Thumbnail
Followed Content Sorting
Add sort options to a members manage followed content table. Standard support for topics and forums and additional support for other applications with content items or containers.
Post Comments Thumbnail
Post Comments
Allows members to add comments to forum posts. Set which forums are supported and group permissions for who can add comments.
Custom Profile Thumbnail
Custom Profile
Set custom profile urls or profile pictures. With the option to disable direct access to the internal profile.
Announcement Enhancements Thumbnail
Announcement Enhancements
Add enhancement to the announcements feature. Show only to members who have or have not purchased selected packages, how many days since a member joined and select custom background and text colors for each announcement.
Hide Product Categories Thumbnail
Hide Product Categories
Hide Commerce product categories and associated products from the store homepage, making it only accessible with a direct link.
Mark Topic Prefix Thumbnail
Mark Topic Prefix
Allow members to quickly choose from a global list of prefixes to add to topics. Set which forums are supported, which member groups can mark all topics and if marking locks a topic.
Expired Purchase Followup Thumbnail
Expired Purchase Followup
Send followup personal messages after a Commerce purchase has expired. Send up to 5 followups with options for which day to send, pm author, title and message with quick tag support.
Purchase Notifications Thumbnail
Purchase Notifications
Send inline notifications to members for some purchase actions in the Commerce application. For example if a new purchase is generated or if a purchase has expired.
Users Homepage Thumbnail
Users Homepage
Allows your members to customize which forums appear in their forum index homepage when signed in. Set which forums you would like to require, flag new forums and manually add new forums to members forum selections.
Geolocation Currency Thumbnail
Geolocation Currency
Automatically load a members currency within the Commerce app using the IPS geo-location feature.
Blogs Mass Moderation Thumbnail
Blogs Mass Moderation
Apply mass moderation actions entry category or set feature images for multiple blog entries.

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