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Customize Like Button in 3.2.0

Maybe many communities need little customization of like button. With this tutoria you can customize colours and texts.

1)Image background erase: upload 2 file attached in your skin images folder

2)Color customization: Look&Feel - manage skin set & template - your skin - css -ipb_stayle.css and find:
[code] .ipsLikeButton.ipsLikeButton_enabled {
background: #850600 url({style_images_url}/like_button.png ) no-repeat top left;
border: 1px solid #850600;
and change the 2 colors code 7B96BB with your preferred color

3)Text customization: Look&Feel - manage language - open your official lang - use search field to find "like_this" - and you can change the text now




Below the 2 images attached

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