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IP.Board Flash uploader limit adjustments

IP.Boards flash uploader is great, but is limited to a maximum of ten files at once. Here is a quick article on adjusting that.

Bear in mind, if you set this too high although it is unlikely to impact on server resource usage (as the uploader is really only uploading one at once) you can crash either your browser or its flash plugin / capability.

Connect via FTP or your hosts File Manager. Open /public/js/ips.attach.js

Around line 436, find...
[code]file_queue_limit: 10,[/code]

Adjust as required and save the change. I would strongly recommend you do not go above around 25 or 50 though for the reasons stated above. :)

View the posting screen and hard refresh the page (CTRL + F5 on Windows) , you will now be able to queue more files.

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