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Making a new language default

A reasonably common question by admins when they have created a new language pack is how to make it the default. This quick article will cover the basics

Assuming you have already created / translated your pack, the first thing to do is set it to default. View the Language Manager and click the grey button on the right and choose 'Edit':


Set the 'default language' to yes and save.

You'll see upon saving, the green check indicates that this pack is now the default, so any new registrations will default to this:


Next, you need to run a query to update every existing members choice to the new pack. The first step is to find the language ID number. To do this, either click edit on the pack you want as default or hover over it and note the ID number at the end of the URL:


In the case of this example, the ID is 11

Now visit the Support tab and click SQL Toolbox on the left side. Scroll down to the end of the page to the Manual Query Window and run this, replacing X with your new language ID number:

[sql]UPDATE members SET language = X[/sql]

Take care to get the correct ID number. If your board started life on the 1.x or 2.x series, you may need to change members to ibf_members, you will know if you do as you will receive an error and the list of tables above the query window will start with ibf_

That's it, all existing members will now use the new pack too.

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