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IPS Marketplace Purchase Guide

[size=4]As most will be aware, IPS recently launched the IPS Marketplace. In return for allowing modders/skinners the ability to sell paid products, IPS takes a small commission on these sales. As I add more and more of my products to the IPS Marketplace, I wanted to make a quick guide on purchasing my mods in the IPS Marketplace and the differences between purchasing through the marketplace and through this site.

[b]Price Difference[/b]
There is a small price difference between the marketplace products and the same products on this site. This is due to the extra time required to process sales. Purchases made through my site are fully automated and don't require as much time to process as IPS Marketplace purchases. Once a more automated way is setup, I expect the price difference will decrease. This unfortunately won't cover the initial renewal fee you agreed to when first purchasing through the marketplace. (Unless IPS sets up some way to retrospectively change the renewal price.)

Once purchased, the IPS Marketplace handles the downloading of your purchase. You'll need to login with your IPS customer username and view the IPS Marketplace Customer Area to download your purchase. I don't have control over this process but if you are having problems downloading a product. Be sure to let me know, and I'll pass it onto IPS. Current download link - [url="http://community.invisionpower.com/index.php?app=nexus&module=clients&section=purchases"]http://community.invisionpower.com/index.php?app=nexus&module=clients&section=purchases[/url]

[b]Getting Support[/b]
Each marketplace product has it's own support topic, for basic issues these support topics can be used. But for more complex issues, a customer account on DevFuse will need to be setup. You can setup a DevFuse customer account by submitting your details [url="http://www.devfuse.com/forums/forms/4-ips-marketplace-purchase/"]here[/url], select IPS Marketplace Purchase as the subject.

There should be no real difference here. I'll be updating both the marketplace and my site when upgrades are released around the same time. There may be a day or so difference, just so I can spread the support load. Example: Day 1 - Twitter/Facebook announcement, Day 2 - Post announcement on this site, Day 3 - Post announcement in marketplace.

But once released you'll be able to download through the IPS Marketplace Client Area. As mentioned before, I have no control over the downloading but let me know when issues occur so I can pass it onto IPS.

As the IPS Marketplace was launched only a few months ago, I have yet to receive a renewal yet. So more information will be posted here when I have more information on the exact process. My understanding is that when your subscription has expired an option to renew will appear in the IPS Marketplace Customer Area. As mentioned in the "Price Difference" section the renewal fee will also have a small price difference.

Sometimes I will run a special promotion or sale for new products or existing products. If you've purchased during the promotion either through the IPS Marketplace or through this site, no refunds will be offered if promotion not received. Example: You purchase a product through this site but find out later that the product was half price through the IPS Marketplace. No refund for the extra price you paid will be offered in situations like this.

For an additional guide on installing/upgrading and extra resources, view this article [url="http://www.devfuse.com/forums/tutorials/article/77-getting-started-guide/"]here[/url]. Please note the support and download sections will be a little different if your purchase was made through the marketplace. You can view all my marketplace listings [url="http://community.invisionpower.com/index.php?app=core&module=search&do=user_activity&search_app=downloads&mid=129857"]here[/url].[/size]

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