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How to install an application


Detailed instructions on how to install an application.
This is a detailed tutorial on how to install an application. Some other applications may require additional steps, so always check the readme/instructions files provided when you download an application. For the purposes of this tutorial, I'll be using the Global Messages application as an example.

[size=3][b]Step One[/b][/size]
Download the application and unzip it's contents into a folder on your desktop. Most applications will have a basic folder structure like this. Where the files/folders to upload will be placed within one folder, any documentation will be placed in another. And the readme or instructions file will be placed in the root directory.


[size=3][b]Step Two[/b][/size]
Open your ftp client, in this example our's being FileZilla and connect to your site. Navigate the contents of the applications upload folder. Now navigate to the root folder of your forum. And copy the contents of that upload folder over to your forums root folder like so.


[size=3][b]Step Three[/b][/size]
Now that you have successfully uploaded the application you'll need to install it through the Admin CP. In your browser open up your Admin CP and navigate to the System Tab then on the left side menu locate the Applications & Modules block then click the Manage Applications & Modules link.

Navigate to the bottom of this page and in the Applications Not Installed section, locate the application you've just uploaded and click the Install link. In this example we will install the Global Messages application.


On the next page you begin the application setup utility, which will display information about the application version as well as the application author. In the duplicate tables dropdown, usually that should be left alone, especially if upgrading from IPB2.3.6. But it's best to check with the application author or readme/instructions file before changing this dropdown.


Click the Continue button and the application will automatically redirect through each step until your prompted with a successful installation page. If for some reason the application installer stops and produces any errors, report those errors to the application author.


[*]Unlike hooks, you'll still need to upload some files to your forums folder. The easiest way being via FTP. A good free one is [url="http://filezilla-project.org/"]FileZilla[/url].
[*]You'll need the latest version of the IPB 3.0.x series.
[*]Zip program to unzip the applications contents, most applications will be zipped. A good free one is [url="http://www.7-zip.org/"]7-zip[/url].

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