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Marking new PM counter in red


How to highlight the new pm counter with a useful colour change is easy to make it stand out more
There were for the 2.x series a few small mods to highlight the unread pm counter in a different colour, typically red so they stood out more.

With the arrival of the 3.0.x series there was no need for this since we had a pm popup option. However as this has changed to notifications with 3.1.x, some have expressed an interest in having the pm counter to be more visible again. This is very easy to achieve. :)

A small css edit is needed, nothing more. Thanks to Morrigan for pointing me in the right direction with this.

ACP > Look / Feel > Skin Manager > (choose skin) > Manage Templates / CSS > CSS > ipb_styles.css

Find this section (its about 1/4 the way down)...
#user_navigation #new_msg_count {
background-color: #528f6c;
font-weight: bold;
font-size: 0.9em;
padding: 3px 7px;
top: 0px;
left: 45px;
position: absolute;

Change the background-color line to suit.

Two quick examples with screenshots:

[code]background-color: #ff3300;[/code]


[code]background-color: #3399ff;[/code]


Don't like those ? , there is a quick reference of sensible colours to choose from here > http://html-color-codes.com

You may need to re-cache the skin and / or hard fresh your board index to see the change. :)

Note: This will only effect it initially, if you have more than one message once you read one it will change back, this is intentional (and easier to do) as its intended to just highlight the initial need to check your inbox.

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