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Image Background in Username


Basically some usernames were hard to see on certain skins so this was my solution to make the names stand out more, you can play around with the image style and colour.
I used a 150x25 px image, the long length was so that longer group names did not result in any repeat being needed as in the images below you can see this length worked for me but you can alter it to suit your own needs :


In your ACP, add into usergroups/Group Formatting Prefix:

[Code]<span style="font-weight:bold;border:silver solid 1px;color:#FF0000;background-image:url('http://www.xxxxxxxxxxx/forums/public/background1.gif')" >[/code]

Font-weight,border: and color: can all be edited to suit your own needs,
Hope this helps anyone else who is trying to do this

John :)

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