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Hiding the latest visitors block


A simple skin edit to remove the 'Latest Visitors' block from profiles
Although individual members can choose to turn this off or specify how many last visitors to show, some administrators may prefer to not give this option and wish to hide the block globally.

This is easy to achieve with a small skin edit.

ACP > Look / Feel > Skin Manager > (choose skin) > Manage Templates / CSS > Profiles > ProfileModern

Find (about 3/4 the way down)...
[code]<if test="latest_visitors:|:$member['pp_setting_count_visitors']">[/code]

Change to [code]<!--<if test="latest_visitors:|:$member['pp_setting_count_visitors']">[/code]

Scroll down a bit, find...
[code] <p class='no_messages'>{$this->lang->words['no_latest_visitors']}</p>

Change to...
[code] <p class='no_messages'>{$this->lang->words['no_latest_visitors']}</p>

That will hide it neatly. :)

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