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Adjusting Today's Top Posters


How to adjust the number of members in 'Today's Top Posters' board index hook
A quick tutorial on how to adjust the number of members shown in the 'Today's Top Posters' hook on the board index. This is for IP.Board 3.1.x

A small file edit is required. Connect via FTP.

Open /hooks/boardIndexTopPosters_**number**.php

Find...(around line 61)
[code]'limit' => array( 0, 9 ),[/code]

Adjust the 9 there, taking care not to disturb the rest of the syntax or any other lines.

Save. :)

I would recommend you stay with a multiple of 3 to keep it tidy, the most common value here to replace the default of 9 is typically 6 or 3.

You will need to re-perform this edit if the hook is recached (such as an upgrade) but it will only take a moment to do so.

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