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Adding custom avatars


Quick guide on how to add custom avatars for your members to choose from
It's quite easy to add custom avatars to your board for your members to choose from. I will explain in this simple tutorial how to do this.

Firstly, collect the avatars you wish to add (.gif, .jpg and .png are suitable, do not use .bmp) and put them into a folder each on your desktop. Name each folder appropriately. It's best not to put more than about 20 to 30 into each folder. You can name the avatars numerically or however you wish. Obviously you cannot have two with the same name in the same folder.


Remember you cannot use a space in the folder name. If you wish to have a space use an underscore, so for example "cats and dogs" becomes "cats_and_dogs", the underscore will not show on your board.

Connect via FTP. Look inside /public/style_avatars. By default it will look something like this:


The images that are just in that directory are the ones in the "Base Gallery" , you can also see the two default avatar directories present here too. You can remove those if you wish to.

Download the index.htm file you see and place a copy of it into each folder you have created on your desktop. You can see here I have added the index.htm file into the the 'dice' folder I made. Adding this file will prevent the directory being listed if someone visits it directly, and is a sensible measure to take.


Simply upload your newly created folders into /public/style_avatars now. The permissions should be OK, but if in doubt ensure the directories you uploaded are 755 and the avatars themselves are 644.

You can see from my example, I have simply added my new folders to the existing ones:


Which results in the folders being listed:


And finally the avatars themselves:


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