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Adjusting status updates limit for 3.1.x


How to adjust the number of status updates shown on the board index for IP.Board 3.1.x
Adjusting the number of status updates displayed is very easy to do with just a tiny edit. This quick article is for 3.1.x only as adjusting it on 3.0.5 a simple matter of editing the hook itself, whereas 3.1 has it in a different location.

Connect via FTP.

Look in /admin/applications/members/sources/classes/hooks/gateway.php

Find (near the end of the file, around line 84)...
[code]$statuses = $statuses = $this->registry->getClass('memberStatus')->fetch( $this->memberData, array( 'limit' => 10, 'status_is_latest' => 1 ) );[/code]

Change the 10 there to what you require (3 or 5 seems to be a popular choice), taking care not to disturb any of the syntax and save. :)

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