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Add link at bottom of forum


Adds a link next to the Mark Board As Read bottom link.
This tutorial will show you how to add links to the bottom of the forum, next to the [b]Mark Board As Read[/b] link.


Firstly open your Admin CP > Look & Feel Tab > select your skin > Manage Templates & CSS > Global Templates > globalTemplate

Find (bottom of textarea, a first paragraphs up):
[code]<li><a href="{parse url="app=forums&amp;module=forums&amp;section=markasread&amp;marktype=all&amp;k={$this->member->form_hash}" base="public"}" title='{$this->lang->words['mark_all_as_read']}'>{$this->lang->words['mark_board_as_read']}</a></li>[/code]

[code]<li><a href='http://www.testlink.com'>Link One</a></li>[/code]

Save. For every new link you add, just wrap it with the <li></li> tags.

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