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Email Debug


Useful for debugging and testing or quickly disabling your boards outgoing email.

A simple tutorial to setup email debugging. Ideally this is for your localhost test board, but it will work just fine on a live install too. If you are testing a mod that has email capability, it may be useful to catch these mails to check them amongst other things. :)

Open /conf_global.php. Before the closing ?> , add this line

[code]$INFO['fake_mail'] = '1';[/code]

Inside your forum root, create a new directory and name it _mail (it must be exactly that: leading underscore and lowercase)

If you are doing this on a Linux install (your live board for example) , that folder must be writeable (CHMOD to 777)

For safety, copy the index.htm out of one of the other directories (such as /public or style_emoticons) and place it into this directory to prevent the directory content being listed, or create a new one if needed. Do not leave this directory without an .htm file present.

That's it :) , when you send an email it will now log it into this _mail directory instead of sending it out.

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