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[IPB 2.3.x] Bypass Admin CP Login


Useful tip to remove admin cp login on development boards.
This is a little edit to get into the Admin CP without loggin in, extremely useful for development boards, where logging in can be a pain. Open admin/index.php file (if this is a live board you might want to rename it first just incase.)

[code]if ( ( $ipsclass->input['act'] != 'login' ) AND ( ! $ipsclass->admin_session['_session_validated'] ) )[/code]

Add Above:



// Fix up board url

Add Above:

$ipsclass->member['mgroup'] = $ipsclass->vars['admin_group'];[/code]

Save admin/index.php and your done.
Please Note: This tip is mainly for localhost development boards, and is a extreme risk when used on live boards, use at your own risk.

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