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[IPB 2.3.x] Export settings with postition order


Will show you how to group settings ordered by position instead of id
When you export groups settings, it exports it by ordering with conf_id. This tutorial will show you how to change that to conf_position, as it's a lot easier to review the settings.xml file later on.

Open sources/action_admin/settings.php

Find: (around line 2857)

[code] $this->ipsclass->DB->simple_select( '*', 'conf_settings', "conf_group = {$this->ipsclass->input['conf_group']}" );

Replace With:

[code] //$this->ipsclass->DB->simple_select( '*', 'conf_settings', "conf_group = {$this->ipsclass->input['conf_group']}" );

$this->ipsclass->DB->simple_construct( array( 'select' => '*', 'from' => 'conf_settings', 'order' => "conf_position ASC", 'where' => "conf_group = {$this->ipsclass->input['conf_group']}" ));

Save sources/action_admin/settings.php and your done. :)

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