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Force Guest to use Default Skin

Although the skin selector is usually disabled for guests, you can still manually enter the url to select a skin id from the database and view it. This simple tutorial will disable that so only members can select skins.

With an ftp client find and open file sources/ipsclass.php.
Find the following code

[code]if ( $this->input['skinid'] )
$id = $this->input['skinid'];
$skin_set = 1;

Replace the above with the following code

// [START] Stop guests from manually inputting Skinid
// Author: Michael John (DevFuse www.devfuse.com)

if ( $this->input['skinid'] AND $this->member['id'])
$id = $this->input['skinid'];
$skin_set = 1;

// [END] Stop guests from manually inputing Skinid

Save and upload sources/ipsclass.php Please Note: Only minor testing done with this tutorial, please always create a backup of file in question!

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