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Remove Language Chooser

Here are two easy ways to remove the language chooser.

1.) Remove Language Chooser from a specific skin.
In your Admin CP select Look & Feel / Select your skin / Edit Template HTML / All Global HTML
Click the global_board_footer link.

Find and delete

[code]<% LANGCHOOSER %>[/code]

Save and your done

2.) Remove Langauge Chooser from all skins.
Open your FTP client and find and edit the file sources/classes/class_display.php


[code]$this->ipsclass->skin['_wrapper'] = str_replace( "<% LANGCHOOSER %>" , $lang_jump , $this->ipsclass->skin['_wrapper']);[/code]

Replace with:

[code]$this->ipsclass->skin['_wrapper'] = str_replace( "<% LANGCHOOSER %>" , "" , $this->ipsclass->skin['_wrapper']);[/code]

Save and upload sources/classes/class_display.php

And your done!

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