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Leave a message for all your staff to see.
Want to leave a message for all your staff to see. But don't want to pm or email all of them?

Well this tutorial will show you how to do this.

Step 1. Go to your AdminCP / LOOK & FEEL Tab / Skins & Templates / Skin Manager
select your skin you wish to display the staff message. / Edit Template HTML / All Global HTML / member_bar

scroll down the bottom and add:

[code]<if="$this->ipsclass->member['mgroup'] == $this->ipsclass->vars['admin_group'] || $this->ipsclass->member['is_mod'] || $this->ipsclass->member['g_is_supmod'] == 1">
Staff Message: Staff Message!

Now the admin group, moderator and supermod will see your staff message.
Click 'Save Template Bit(s)' and your done.

Note: The [url="http://www.devfuse.com/products/global-messages/"]Global Messages[/url] modification will archive this as well, plus won't require the level of skins edits necessary as this tutorial.

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