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Application SEO FURL

To Get your Application to be SEO friendly

create file called "furlTemplates.php"
in you application extensions folder

The File content should look like this
//FURL Apps

$_SEOTEMPLATES = array('app=myapp' => array('app' => 'myapp',
'allowRedirect' => 1,
'out' => array( '#app=myapp$#i', 'myapp/' ),
'in' => array( 'regex' => "#/myapp/?$#i",
'matches' => array( array( 'app', 'myapp' ) )
) ),

Replace myapp with your application name

then loginto ACP as soon as you login you will see a link says

FURL Cache outdated
Click that and you will get an FURLed appy! :)



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