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Import IP.Board 3.x Garage System


Guide on how to import IP.Board 3.x Garage into IP.Board Collections application.

This guide will show you how to import your IP.Board 3.x Garage into the IP.Board 4 Collections application.


Please Note: The importer will clear any existing Collections data and import Garage data into it's place. Do NOT run this importer if you've got Collections data you would like to keep.


Step 1. Install the IP.Board 4 Collections as you normally would. See application install guide here.


Step 2. Once installed, open Admin CP > Collections tab > Collections > Application Setup. If it detects your Garage data still within the database it will provide you with a "Garage Import" tab and an option to import your Garage. Click the "Click here to start import" button to start your import. If you do not see this option, please open a support ticket.




Step 3. The importer will run in the background and once done you'll be able to view the Garage in your frond end. The importer will automatically alter your application language and urls to match what you previously had for the Garage System.


Please confirm all your vehicles and data are imported successfully before adding or making any changes. The converter can be run again if there are any issues but will once again clear any data when it runs the import again. If you have any issues, please open a support ticket.

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