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Setup Paymentwall Gateway


Instructions on how to setup the Paymentwall gateway.

Sign up for a Paymentwall Merchant Account if you don't have one yet using this link.


Create an application inside of your Paymentwall Merchant Account

  • On Application General settings page choose Digital Goods / Subscriptions / One-Time Payments under "What do you monetize in this application?".
  • Skip the Product Setup section
  • In the Widgets section pick a widget of your choice
  • Configure the Pingback section
    • Enter Pingback URL. (Use the pingback url provided to you on the Paymentwall gateway page.)
    • Add 3 new custom pingback parameters. "amount", "currencyCode" and "goal"
    • Set the Signature version equal 2


Fill up the necessary Paymentwall fields in the Paymentwall Gateway page ( Admin CP > Other apps > Donation Tracker > Payment Gateway).

  • Edit the Paymentwall gateway.
  • You can find application and secret keys in your Paymentwall Merchant Area / Application settings section. You can find the widget code your application in your Merchant Area / Widgets section (e.g. p1_1, p4_1)

Let us know via devsupport@paymentwall.com once you have configured the settings on your end.

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