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Give iPoints to RSS import user

Tested with iPoints 241, may work on other versions.


This small change gives iPoints bank account points to the account you may use for RSS importing of topics.



1. Decide how many points you are going to award the 'rss' member for each topic.

2. Open /sources/action_admin/rssimport.php - Take a backup of this file before editing it!

Around line 859, find...

$this->ipsclass->DB->simple_update( 'members', 'posts=posts+'.intval($inc), 'id='.intval($mid) );

Add below...

// Update the RSS Bot's points...
$this->ipsclass->DB->simple_update( 'members', 'deposited_points=deposited_points+'.intval($inc)*5, 'id='.intval($mid) );
// End

Replace the *5 with the number of points.


3. Save /upload rssimport.php


4. If you wanted them gain normal points rather than their bank account points, simply change deposited_points to points twice in the code like this:

$this->ipsclass->DB->simple_update( 'members', 'points=points+'.intval($inc)*5, 'id='.intval($mid) );

5. Test it by setting up a temporary feed or emptying the imported data and reimporting and confirm the rss poster member gains points as indicated. Note due to the way the topics are imported it may not always add the correct number, although it should not be too far off in 99% cases.

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