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Install a hook


Beginners guide to install a hook

A very quick article to help those new to IPBoard on how to install a hook, by their nature they are easy to install. Hopefully this short guide should answer any immediate questions.
For the purpose of this, I've chosen a simple hook only example "Members Online Today" as its very easy to install and a popular choice for a lot of communities.
1. Having downloaded the file, extract the .zip:
2. Lets take a look at the contents:
We can see the hook xml file itself and some instructions. I won't duplicate the text from those here but its recommended to check the instructions provided by the author regarding the hooks settings (if applicable) and any other features.
3. We need to upload the hook xml now. Go to your ACP. Click the System tab, then on the left Manage Hooks:
4. On the Manage Hooks page, click the "Install Hook" button:
5. A popup will appear. Browse for and upload the hook xml in the .zip you extracted earlier:
Don't forget to click "Install"
6. The hook may take a few moments to install. Once it has finished you'll see a message similar to this, indicating what it has done:
Scroll down a bit to the list of hooks, and you'll see the hook you just chose has been installed:
7. Having already read the instructions included in the hook (you did read them yes ?) you'll know it has some settings, so on the System tab, click System Settings on the left, then the Hooks tab in the settings list and you'll see the settings for this hook:
8.Lets take a quick look at this hooks settings, they are self explanatory and just adjust as required not forgetting to save them:
Remember not all hooks have settings, always refer to the instructions that accompany a hook or if in doubt ask in its support topic.
9. Now we've set it as we wanted to, we know this hook displays on the board index in the stats (as per the instructions) so lets check our board to see what its done:
As you can see its working. You can return to Manage Hooks to disable and / or install any hook at a future point.

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