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Bypass Guest Login


Bypass forced guest login for payment processors like Paypal.
If you force guests to login before accessing your forums. The Donation Tracker payment gateways will still need to be able to access the Donation Tracker, you have two options below to enable this.

[b]Option 1: Apply File Edit[/b]
You can apply a file edit so payment gateways can still access the payment functon of the Donation Tracker. You'll need to re-apply this edit when ever you upgrade IPB.

Open admin/sources/base/ipsRegistry.php

Find: ( around line 734 )[code=code:1] ipsRegistry::$request['section'] != 'register'[/code]
Add AFTER:[code=code:1] && ipsRegistry::$request['do'] != 'payment'[/code]
Save admin/sources/base/ipsRegistry.php

[b]Option 2: Enable Hook (Beta)[/b]
From Donation Tracker v3.1 onwards you'll be able to enable a hook instead. In your Admin CP > System Tab > Manage Hooks. Load the Disabled hooks section and enable the "Donation Tracker (Login Bypass)" hook.

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