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Upgrade from IPS Portal


Special instructions for those with the IPS made Portal.
If you've upgraded from IPB 3.0 or 3.1, chances are you've used or still have the old Portal that was originally made by IPS and included with IPB. If this is the case you will need to remove the old Portal before installing the new one.

Make sure you remove the [b]portal[/b] folder from the [b]admin/applications_addon/ips/[/b] folder before uploading or installing the new Portal.
You may still have old portal plugins that have not been upgraded for the newest Portal. You can find these in the applications extensions/portalPlugins/ folder. e.g. admin/applications/forums/extensions/portalPlugins/ or admin/applications/members/extensions/portalPlugins/. If the new Portal does not support these, you will need to remove this as well.

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