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Add portal outside of IPB folder


Add your Portal application to a folder outside of IPB.
Will show you how to add the Portal to another file outside of IPB.

[b]Step 1.[/b] Upload the index.php file you find in Tools folder to where you want the portal to load. Both are located in the zip of the Portal files. [b]Do not[/b] upload this over your forums index.php file. For example if you have your forums located in your forums folder, you could upload the index.php file to your public_html directory.

[b]Step 2.[/b] Open the recently uploaded index.php

Find and Change:
[CODE]$path_to_ipb = './forums/';[/CODE]

Save index.php. Set the path to your IPB forum. (Make sure you add the path not the url.) For example, if this index.php file is placed in your home folder and your forum is placed in a subfolder called forums, the path would be /home/username/public_html/forums/

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