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[3.3.X] [Videos System 2.3.X] Views in Sidebar hook

[b]SideBarHook - List View - Global Box Sort By?: Video Views:[/b]

First go to look &Feel>Skin>skins_video_external>SidebarHookTemplate

<span class='date'>{$this->lang->words['vs_date_added']}: {parse date="$r['date']" format="long"}</span>

[b]Add Directly Below:[/b]
<ul><li>{parse format_number="$r['views']"} {$this->lang->words['views']} {$this->lang->words['vs_views']}</li></ul>

This will show the amount of views the video has in the sidebar template. I used this addition when I wanted the sidebar to show videos with the most views. it's really handy.


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